Wood Flooring Options for a Loft Extension

Oak flooring is available in a variety of grades and finishes. Engineered or solid oak flooring made from traditional aged oak or brown oak will create a unique look to the decor of your home extension. Flooring made of natural oak is very durable. It also creates warmth and adds a touch of elegance to the design of a home.

In the pastal most every home would have had a natural wood floor. Even a few decades ago it was common for children to play games on a solid wood floor and to go sliding along a newly polished wood surface. Then the idea of artificial flooring was introduced as a more convenient option. Wall-to-wall linoleum, carpeting and tiling cost less to maintain and became less expensive to buy than natural wood.

Natural wood flooring is now considered to be a design classic and oak in particular makes a prominent statement about taste and style, and may homeowners are opting for wood when they have a conversion done, according to Paul Myers, a loft extensions and general building contractor.

Just like any natural wood, the price you pay for oak flooring will depend on what is going to be the right look for your home and what grade of oak you decide to have. Whatever decision you make, the appearance of your home will be greatly enhanced with real oak flooring.

Engineered Oak Flooring

Flooring made from engineered oak is just as hard wearing as solid oak and is even more stable in structure. Provided that you choose a good grade of material, timber board flooring made from engineered oak can look just as attractive as solid oak.

Solid Oak Flooring

With solid oak flooring you have to consider that timber is totally natural and that all types of wood will expand or contract, depending on conditions such as humidity, damp and heat.

Solid oak flooring is made from a naturally semi porous material, so it will swell when it comes into contact with moisture. This means that each floor board might increase a little in width and very slightly in length.

When solid oak is used for flooring, it is extremely important that there is a small expansion gap between the outside edge of the oak flooring and the walls of the room. This will prevent the floor from becoming uneven and springy when it expands. If there is no gap left when the floor is installed, the solid oak boards might buckle in the middle of the floor if they start to swell with moisture.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Oak Flooring

There is an entirely false idea that oak flooring is difficult to maintain and hard to keep clean. This is not true when it has been correctly laid and finished. All it takes to keep oak flooring looking good is regular cleaning with a wood floor detergent. For heavier staining, liquid wax cleaners remove marks and leave the oak flooring with an attractive polished finish.

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