Wood Flooring in Dubai Care 101

This article is based on Caroline Modig’s How to Take Care of Wooden Flooring.

Opting for a wooden flooring in Dubai is a smart choice to make when you’re in the middle of furnishing your home. If you’re a family living in the house, your bonding and intimacy as a family can be a great match to the warmth that wood flooring emits. There is something heartfelt with the colour of wood, and its richness of grain makes it visually appealing and elegant to look at.

Another great thing about wooden flooring in Dubai ( Source: http://nordichomeworx.com) is how easy it can be cleaned. There’ll be great value in the future if wood is maintained properly. If you want your Kährs wood flooring to last a long time, taking proper care of it should be done. Routine cleaning helps in protecting and maintaining the appearance of your wood flooring.

Additionally, you’ll need to follow specific cleaning protocols to prevent damage to the floor’s surface. Aside from regular maintenance, you can also minimize the damage with different preventive measures.

The longevity and durability of your wooden flooring in Dubai can be preserved with routine cleaning and proper maintenance. Here are the ways to maintain a long-term relationship with your Kährs wood flooring:

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Regular maintenance tips:

  •       To prevent dirt from building up, it is best to dust the floors every day with a microfiber mop or swifter as microfiber cloths trap dirt and other household allergens. These microfiber mop pads are also more effective than sweeping with a broom as some broom bristles can scratch the floor’s surface that will lead to its damage.
  •       As much as you can, limit its exposure to direct sunlight through using protective window coverings/blinds. Too much sunlight can result to a faster aging of the wood.
  •       It is recommendable to hire a professional in cleaning your wood flooring in Dubai as they have the proper knowledge and equipment.
  •       Use a dehumidifier to prevent moisture damage. Moisture damage is a common problem in wooden flooring, but this damage cannot only be due to liquid spills but also due to the climatic moisture changes.

Long-term maintenance tips:

  •       Avoid using vinyl or tile cleaning products on hardwood flooring.
  •       If your wooden flooring in Dubai has a surface finish, it’s best to polish your floor every two to three months and refinish the surface every three to five years.
  •       Don’t use a wet mop or steam mop in cleaning as the water can dull the finish and damage the wood.
  •       Immediately wipe up liquid spills with a slightly dampened cloth.
  •       Use throw rugs at doorways to help prevent debris from being tracked in and scratching the floor.
  •       Do not move heavy furniture on wood flooring. It is best to move the furniture by picking it up as to prevent scratches.
  •       Consider investing in an area rug that also emphasizes the look and style you want to achieve for your wood flooring.
  •       Be selective about your footwear on wooden flooring. Shoes such as high heels and sports cleats can scratch the surface of the wood and dent the surface. Also, while cleaning your flooring, don’t use any footwear as the dirt particles can get trapped under your footwear leading to additional scratches.

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