Why you should check your roof for damage after a storm

During the winter months as the weather worsens, it is likely that there will be adverse weather conditions. It is throughout this period that there are a lot of calls from people experiencing storm damage – this includes leaks, missing tiles or shingles, structural issues or even missing chimneys.

What to look out for – outdoor inspection


  • Look for missing and damaged shingles, these could be curled, cracked or torn – on the roof or located around the property
  • Chimneys – leaning over, loose or missing bricks, tears or buckling
  • Blocked gutters or ridge vents – decay or rust can occur, clogged gutters can easily freeze shut and cause unnecessary weight on the gutter fasteners

Depending on the visible damage, roofing repairs might be answer. More extensive damage may result in roof replacement and maintenance. However, to the untrained eye, damage to the roof is extremely easy to overlook if it is not carefully examined by a professional.

What to look out for – indoor inspection

  • Moisture marks
  • Brown, yellow or grey stains/dark spots
  • Peeling paint on walls and/or ceilings
  • Light showing through the roof

These can all point to a damaged and leaking roof, most homeowners will be familiar with what water damage can look like. Some of these leaks can be a shocking distance from where the water damage is located inside the house.

You should also check your attic or loft space for damp rafters, leaks or light coming through. Sagging roof decking – if you can see the decking of your roof sagging or warping in the attic or loft space, this could indicate the decking has taken water damage. You could also notice a spike in energy costs; this could be a sign that your roof ventilation has been compromised.

Call in the experts

If you have any doubts or queries, call in the professionals Roofers in Llandudno to carry out all kinds of repairs, including roof tile and slate replacement, felt and EPDM Rubber roof repairs. They are pro’s at rescuing roofs in need of a little TLC, but they can completely re-roof projects if the need arises. Don’t waste time if your roof needs care, the sooner the issues are dealt with the better!

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