Why Cord Carpets are The Next Big Thing

Carpets for home or workplace

What are the most popular carpet types, either for the home or the workplace? Ask most people and they will roll off names such as shag pile, Saxony, Axminster, Berber, velvet and cut pile. But few people mention “cord”. It is almost as if the entire type has passed unnoticed “under the radar”. However, given its inestimable advantages, that may be about to change.

What is cord carpet?

It is a type of thin carpet consisting of ribbing which creates a smart, clean, distinctive appearance. Traditionally, it has been widely used in commercial spaces such as exhibition halls, offices, schools or government buildings. This is due to the fact that it is easy to keep clean and very hard-wearing. Combine these benefits with relatively low price of cord and it is easy to see why it is a popular commercial choice; it is elegance and function without the hefty price tag.

But there are other benefits of cord.

Other features.

If you’re considering the cord option for your carpets, then you seriously need to consider Tretford cord carpets. Their carpets are made entirely from Cashmere goat hair which is 100% natural fibre. This offers up a lot of other advantages in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Air Quality

Traditional carpets are notorious for trapping pollutants such as dust, mites, pet dander, cockroach droppings, bacteria, mould spores and mildew. This is not just a matter of appearance; these things can have a very negative impact on your health. Furthermore, synthetic carpets are often made using volatile organic compounds which emit odours and vapours that can be particularly harmful to infants or elderly people.

But natural fibre cord solves these issues by acting as a filter to keep the pollutants out of your home or office environment. Further, they are not made using potentially harmful chemicals and glues, so they make for a safer and cleaner space wherever they are used.

Peace and quiet

We all value peace and quiet in our homes and, often, in our workplaces too. This is why your choice of carpeting is so important. Recent studies have confirmed that material made from natural fibres, such as the Cashmere goat hair used in Tretford carpets, have significant and measurable acoustic absorption properties. In other words, carpets made from natural fibres can help to keep out noise coming in from the outside and keep in noise generated from within.

The future is cord

Everyone knows that consumers these days are not just more eco-aware but also far more aware of and concerned about the quality of their living and working environments. That is why cord carpets are the next big thing. There is, quite literally, nothing else on the market which combines refined good looks, durability and functionality together with the ability to make a serious material difference to human health and quality of life. Add to that the fact that cord is considerably cheaper than most of the traditional alternative floor coverings and you have a market winner.

It is surely only a matter of time before consumers discover these benefits and, when they do, natural fibre cord will be king.

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