Why Choose Conservatory Toughened Glass?

Having a conservatory installed can be a big investment, and can radically change the way you use the living spaces in your home.

By providing extra living space with vertical and roof glazing to allow the maximum amount of natural light in, a conservatory can create an ideal place in which to relax, socialise, eat or work, sheltering you from the elements while making the most of the sun and scenery.

One of the most important aspects of conservatory construction is in the choice of glass – as a conservatory is almost entirely made of glass, the glass chosen will have a huge effect on your experience and will decide the properties of the conservatory. Conservatory glass experts Express Toughening take us through their recommendations here:

  • Choose toughened conservatory glass

The first thing you want to make sure of with your conservatory glass panels is that they will be safe and durable. Toughened glass from Express Toughening is resistant to knocks and impacts, reassuring you that your conservatory is safe – toughened conservatory glass is very difficult to break, so even a family member falling into it or an impact from a piece of debris in high winds won’t damage it, keeping your conservatory intact and seriously reducing maintenance costs.

  • Choose conservatory glass roof panels with a solar coating

The primary complaint that most conservatory owners have about their new living space is that it gets insufferably hot in the summer – acting like a greenhouse to raise the internal temperature well above that of the outside. However, with proper treatment – like that available on the Express Toughening conservatory glass roof panels – up to 66% of heat can be reflected back, keeping you cool and comfortable on even the hottest days!

  • Choose conservatory glass panels that are self-cleaning

Many of the conservatory glass options available from Express Toughening come with a unique coating which makes use of UV light from the sun and water from rain to break down any dirt and grime on the glass, essentially cleaning themselves. With this coating in place, the frequency and difficulty of cleaning the glass is drastically reduced, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas and areas which are expensive to have cleaned. By keeping the glass cleaner for longer, self-cleaning conservatory glass from Express Toughening can save you time, money and effort!

The self-cleaning coating lasts the lifetime of the glass pane and will not need to be renewed or maintained.

If you are considering having a conservatory fitted, or you are thinking about replacing your conservatory glass, then toughened conservatory glass may be perfect for your needs. For more information on the properties of different types of conservatory glass and how their individual advantages can benefit you, you can get in touch with the glazing experts at Express Toughening today by calling 02085001188 or visiting their website!

The glazers on the other end of the line will be happy to help you choose conservatory glass panels which will suit your needs perfectly.

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