When Is It Time To Remove A Tree?

Trees are a beautiful and important part of our environment, and can often become an integral part of your home. However, there are unfortunately times that they can pose a danger to you and your property. In these cases, it is necessary to remove them as a matter of urgency. If you have a large tree in your driveway or garden, it is a good idea to get it looked at regularly to ensure it is healthy. Here are some of the key reasons for tree removal.

Tree Disease

Some tree diseases are treatable, and this option is often preferable to having a tree removed. However, there are many instances in which the disease is not recognised until it is too late. In these cases, immediate removal is necessary in order to avoid the disease spreading to other trees and to prevent the tree getting to a state where it falls down. If you suspect that your tree is infected or diseased, it is advisable to have it examined as soon as possible to evaluate the situation. Many forms of decay start from the inside, and are not easily noticeable for the average person. If your tree is too far gone, then you will need to look into professional tree removals in Perth in order to get it taken down safely and efficiently.

Tree Death

Once a tree has died, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Dead trees weaken over time, and therefore may not be sturdy enough to remain upright through wind, snow and storms. If the tree or a part of it falls down it can pose a great risk to buildings and people alike.

Weather Concerns

If you live in an area which is prone to extreme weather, it may be safest to remove a tree before it has the chance to do any damage by falling down in a storm. Considering that Perth has experienced some forceful storms over the last few years, if you have a tree in close proximity to your home you may want to consider removing it to safeguard your house. If your tree has been damaged by a storm in the past, it is best to have it looked at to ensure it’s not dangerous. Lightning strikes can often kill a tree, but it may not be until years later that the extent of the damage is visible.

Encroaching Roots

As living things, trees are constantly growing and changing. A tree that was planted in one area may begin to encroach on your home as it gets larger and its roots begin to spread. When this happens, trees can pose a danger to your home by disturbing its foundations or utility lines, and can create trip hazards in your yard. In these cases, removal is often the only option to ensure that you don’t end up with far more costly damage in the long term.

If you have a large tree in close proximity to your home, it is advisable to have it examined on a regular basis. By doing so, you will be in a position to have it removed if necessary before the worst happens.

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