What’s ThePerfect Gift for your client? Try Pret A Fleur-Eternal Roses New York for the Holidays!

Pret A Fleur-Eternal Roses New York

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your client? Have you thought of every possible giftable item but still not satisfied? If you are contemplating whether to gift flowers to your client like everyone else does, then we have a better option for you. But what if we tell you that we have roses that last upto 3 years? Pret A Fleur-Eternal Roses New York flowers are specially preserved in such a way that they retain their beauty and fragrance and yes they last for up to 3 years!  Your client will definitely be impressed by your choice of Pret A Fleur-Eternal Roses New York!


A gift that keeps on giving – The Perfect Holiday Gift

Our flowers will definitely impress your client as they are a step beyond the normal gifting of regular roses. Your thoughtful gesture will definitely be noticed when your client realizes that your bunch of flowers do not wither or die. You can add some extra flamboyance to our Pret A Fleur-Eternal Roses New York by selecting any of our stunning gift boxes or porcelain vases. Fast delivery and shipping is our guarantee and we ensure deliveries on the required rates. Try Pret A Fleur-Eternal Roses New York today!

About Us:

It was an entrepreneurial vision designed at making Prêt-à-Fleur®Eternal Roses New York a gift and décor brand that is more enduring than what traditional florists can offer, while still providing the freshness of natural roses.  Carefully selected, these roses undergo a natural preservation process where the blooms are immersed in a patented blend of plant-based formula and preserving substance.  This results in truly spectacular and special roses that require no watering or sunlight, while maintaining their beauty and freshness for up to 3 years. The roses meticulously hand assembled into our centerpiece arrangements or into our selection of gift boxes. The ceramics used in our centerpieces are elegantly textured and glazed ceramic earthenware hand crafted by artisans in Asia.  We strive every day to create the most elegant and stylish pieces to fit any and all spaces. To know more about our brand shop https://eternalroses.com/

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