What You Should Know Before Buying Plantation Shutters

Nowadays, Lifestyle plantation shutters are the most famous choices people make when it comes to window treatments. Plantation shutters are highly versatile, less expensive than custom draperies and play a significant role in improving the value of your home. These interior shutters let in or keep out light, provide a view to the outside or preserve privacy, and they can improve the look of a room.

Here we have listed some basic information one should consider while choosing a plantation shutter.

Louver Choices

Movable louvers are the most popular choices and allow the shutters to rotate open or close. Plantation shutters have the largest louvers and are used on large windows. These shutters can be used on any windows.

Framing and Divider Rails

When it comes to choosing a plantation shutter, you can choose full shutters which open as one panel, or cafe shutters which only cover half the window for a clear view at eye level, or double hung shutters which can be opened at the top and bottom separately. Divider rails are another available option for your shutter panels, and you can choose the exact height you’d like your divider rail to be.

Mounting Options

Planation shutters can be mounted inside or outside the window opening. Look for the moulding around your window opening to decide which is right for you. If you have a decorative trim or moulding around your window, the mount shutters inside the window opening. Mount shutters outside the window opening when there is no decorative moulding.

Tilting Options

Do you want to tilt your shutters with a traditional tilt bar, or have a clearer view out with a modern hidden tilt? Both traditional and modern tilt bar function the same and it is all about which look you like the most.

Why Plantation Shutters are the Best?


Plantation shutters provide unmatched flexibility in terms of the view out your window. It will provide a complete unobstructed view out when the panels are swung open. The panels can be closed or tilted to various degrees of openness for improved privacy.

Light Control       

With plantation shutters, you can control the amount of light entering into your home by fully closing or tilting the panels. If you want to block out the most light possible, you can fully close the panels and tilts.

Easy to Clean

Plantation shutters are entirely cordless and tightly mounted to all sides of the window sill, which makes it easier to clean. In addition to this, the cordless feature makes plantation shutters the great options for homes in which children are present.

Moreover, these plantation shutters are highly versatile, customisable, and adds more value to your home. Visit http://www.solashade.com.au/range/plantation-shutters/ to find more information about plantation shutter online.

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