What to Look for In Luxury Watch Winder Safes

What is a Watch Winder Safe

A watch winder safe is a cabinet that holds self-winding watches and keeps the watches running. Self-winding watches work by winding their selves. These self-winding watches wind themselves by using a moving weight designed in the watch’s mechanism. These self-winding also referred to as automatic watches, can be wound manually by the user. By design, a mechanical watch is usually not manually wound.

A watch winder safe holds multiple watches. Each watch is moved in rotation, usually a circular pattern. This movement mimics the human motion that operates the self-winding watch when it is worn.

Can a winder over wind a self-winding watch? A self-winding watch has a mechanism built into the watch that will stop the mainspring from being overwound. Typically, only 30 minutes of motion is required each day to keep your automatic watch running.

What Should You Look For In A Watch Winder Safe

1. Quality of build

The watch winder safe should be of the same quality as your watch. Your watch winder should allow for adjustment of watch bands. Watch bands come in various diameters, so a winder that provides for band adjustment is necessary.

2. Top Quality Motor

The motor should be accurate and silent in its operation. A quiet running motor is an indication of engine engineered and designed for prolonged use.

3. Unique Features

Features such as an integrated timer will alleviate over winding and keep the internal mechanism of the watch protected. Also, these timers will keep your watch wound for the safe recommended time of thirty minutes each day.

4. Turns Per Day

This function allows users to adjust rotations as to what their watch require per day.

5. Warranty

Most watch winder safes have at least a three-year warranty. Luxury watch winder safes usually have a more extended warranty.

Luxury Watch Winder Safes

Luxury watch winder safes are not just large secure cabinets to keep your watches wound. Yes, they should protect you from unauthorized access. However, luxury watch winder safes offer both securities of your valuable watches and the ultimate in protection of your watches’ precise watch’s mechanisms.

What To Look For In A Luxury Watch Winder Safe

Precision Winding System

Luxury watch winder safes will have winding systems that ensure the barrel tension maintained with the barrel tension in optimum range at all times. This feature provides top speed at all times.

Interior Features

– On luxury watch winder safes, the precise watch winders feature winders able to be programmed by your smartphone or other wireless devices

– Available storage capacities for three, ten, fifteen, and up to sixty watches.

– Luxury watch winder safes offer individual drive motors.

– Interior lighting system, usually of LED type.

Exterior Features

– The safety glass should be bulletproof and 18mm in thickness.

– Fingerprint scanner to open glass doors and panes.

– Spyglass build in the exterior glass panes.

For more information on a luxury watch winder safes go to https://www.stockinger.com/en/watch-winders/.


Watch winder safes should always provide safe winding of your expensive watch collection, along with providing the best security for your watch collection. After all, your automatic watch collection represents a sizeable investment.

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