What Makes Commercial Carpet Cleaning So Effective?

Commercial carpet cleaning Logan is a must in every office. Carpets tend to attract dirt, dust and debris, especially in high traffic areas like workplaces. Whilst a lot of business owners still consider doing their rug washing in-house, it’s highly recommended that they consult professionals. Only experts can provide a level of cleanliness that keeps employees and clients safe.

They use specialised equipment.

There’s a huge difference between regular and professional vacuums. Experts only use high-powered vacuums to clean out rugs. This enables them to remove deep-seated dirt inside the fabric. To add to this, they use specialised attachments. These are used to deal with specific problems like mud, food and other types of spills or stains.

Apart from vacuums, they also have high powered dryers to ensure that your rugs are dry after washing. Damp rugs are a common problem when washing in-house, as the fabric can be very heavy. It can take days to dry them out through traditional methods. If you use them whilst they’re damp, it has the potential to grow mould and other bacteria.

Brushes and sponges simply don’t compare to these types of equipment. Household tools have the potential to damage the fibres in your rug, as you have to scrub extra hard to get out dirt. Professional equipment is specially designed to clean the area thoroughly without damaging the material.

They use tried and tested methods.

There’s a specific art to washing rugs. You can’t just apply one method and expect it to work on every type of problem. For example, professionals can remove stains through regular soap and water. However, if the client needs the area to be usable in a few hours, they’ll use dry chemicals and vacuums to get the job done.

These carpet cleaning experts in Beenleigh are trained and experienced to provide you the best service. They know the right techniques to get your rugs looking like new. Their methods are tried and tested – they’ve done it a million times before! To add to this, they know the best washing solutions to use on each surface.

Author: Carrie Sze

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