What Kind of Door Handles Work with Glass Doors?

When you are installing a glass door, the next thing you need to worry about is finding the right kind of handle. Unlike with traditional wooden doors, a toughened glass door like those sold by Express Toughening can’t just have a handle carved into it and fitted in the gap – a toughened glass door has to be specially prepared and drilled by professionals.

You’ll have to fit handles specially made for glass doors – and luckily enough, Express Toughening have just the range for the job.

The Double Sided Pull Handle

Usually seen on doors that can swing either way, a double sided pull handle consists of matching tubular grips, which you can easily attach to your door without damaging it. These handles are provided in high-quality polished stainless steel, providing a beautiful finish and a handle which is strong, tough and resistant to corrosion. Even near constant use will not wear a stainless steel double sided pull handle down, and it will be extremely resistant to rusting, keeping its shine for much longer than other metals.

Stainless steel is also extremely easy to wipe clean and maintain, making a double sided pull handle a very hygienic option for bathrooms, wet rooms and shower doors.

Standard double sided pull handles can even be easily upgraded to fit much thicker glass doors with the simple addition of longer screws, making them versatile solutions for a range of doors.

The Single Sided Pull Handle

Much like the double sided pull handle described above, a single sided pull handle from Express Toughening is a polished stainless steel tubular handle which easily attaches to any thickness of glass door. Made to last, the premium grade stainless steel used in its construction makes this handle extremely resistant to rusting, and physically tough and durable.

Equipped with threaded end caps for the other side of the glass, the single sided pull handle easily screws into a toughened glass door and securely fastens, making sure you can reliably open and close the door as you need to. These handles are ideal for use in either indoor or outdoor spaces, thanks to their resistance to water, and are a beautiful and easy to maintain handle option for shower doors, bathrooms and bath screens.

The Cylinder Door Knob

A simple and time-honoured solution to the problem of door handles, a cylinder door knob is effortlessly effective as either a “pull” handle or a “push” one. Made from chrome-plated brass, the cylinder door knobs from Express Toughening are ergonomically-shaped for maximum comfort and grip, making them extremely easy to use.

A cylinder door knob screws easily into a toughened glass door the same way the double sided pull handle and single sided pull handle do, making them easy to install and replace, and thanks to their chrome-plated brass construction, they are ideal for use in bathrooms, shower doors, bath divider screens and other fixtures – however, please note that unlike the stainless steel handles, the cylinder door knob is not suitable for use outside.

Hopefully that has helped clear up the different handle options available for your doors! For more information or for some professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact Express Toughening on 02085001188 today!

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