What Everyone Ought To Know About CORDLESS DRILL

You can spend as little as $29 on a cordless drill — or well over $800. Paying more generally means better results and more versatility. But there are exceptions, including high-priced models did not meet our quality standards and bargain cordless drills that exceeded expectations.


A product with hammer and great manageability, along with a lithium battery always ready for us to use because it does not discharge alone or has memory effect. We will know at all times what is its state of charge thanks to its indicator and the built-in lighting diode. It has a planetary gear that prolongs its useful life and provides an enormous performance, as well as smoothness in the work and a good flow of mechanical strength. Its tightening torque is 25 NM, with 21 adjustment levels, plus a chuck for quick clamping and self-locking, thus combining safety and speed.

We can control the number of revolutions electronically, accelerating from zero to the maximum with a switching button. The pieces will be illuminated at all times thanks to the Power Light. It allows both screwing and drilling, with a screw diameter of up to 6 millimeters and perforation in steel of another 6 millimeters, 20 in wood. It weighs around a kilo and has two batteries, along with a carrying case and a double screwdriver.


This well-known DIY brand offers us a first-class machine with 24 positions of torque and maximum sustained torque of 11 Nm, 10 mm drill chuck without a Twistlok key and up to 700 revolutions per minute. Made in a nice black and orange design, it reaches 12 watts of power, comes in a briefcase.

The battery, removable, is nickel, removable rail type, and the handle is gummed. Drills 2.5 centimeters in wood and one in metal. It has two tips and is reversible, which can be screwed or unscrewed. The speed of rotation can be adjusted, although, not having a firing pin, it does not reach the power to drill very hard materials such as brick. It weighs just over a kilo and a quarter with the battery.


A very powerful and cheap drill, 18v and torque adjustment of 30 Nm. Very comfortable, light and ergonomic, thanks to a knob ready to facilitate the use and control with greater speed the adjustment of the revolutions. It has a metal gear with especially durable and tenacious elements, offering up to 20 different revolutions programs. The product includes, in addition to the felling, the two cadmium batteries, a quick charger and a storage machine. Of course, it does not have a hammer.

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