Discover mind-blowing ways to turn your home into a work of art.

Home is a place that depicts a part of you. A portion of your soul, your mind and your creativity. So, unleash them. Meet your inner artist and designer and turn your dull and boring home into a work of art, let the magic happen for once and all.

White, it is.

As classy as this colour is it will never go out of trend. You can turn your walls and floor white. Your rooms are going to look so much more bright and beautiful. Your dining room, stairs, hallway, bedroom and lounge, everything will look good with this shade. So, paint it white.


Everything should stand out in your home. It should not be a part of mass production. Even if not all but maybe most of your homeware can be handmade. Not only will this give it a nice touch but it will also bring a sense of warmth and beauty. Your home won’t be as predictable as everyone else’s.


Candles made out of beeswax can be used for decorative purposes. They can go on the shelves of your bathroom, your living room and even your bedroom. You can also plant some trees indoors but not in those same old wooden pots. For a change try washable paper bags of various sizes.


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Have furniture that not only saves your space but adds some uniqueness to your home. For some excellent ideas try the Possible and Elvarli from Ikea. You can also have beautiful coat stands and racks for your daily clothes. A beautiful coffee table that can save space and look amazing is the Turning table made out of white oak.

Minimalism is the key.

It speaks tones about subtlety and warmth. You can have a dark grey coloured sofa that stands out in your living room. The contrast of it with your white walls and floors will be marvellous. Pair it with some wooden chairs and some paintings of your taste and choice. They can rest on the walls of your living room. Your window sills can have some decorative and handmade artwork – made out of clay or ceramics. If you’re into sculptures, you can have them too.


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If you don’t want a bed and wish to go for the rustic look, why don’t you just have a mattress in your bedroom across your window, you can enjoy the beautiful view and relax. Add some beautifully handcrafted candle holders to your window pane.


Maintain the pure tone of your dining room. Add some rustic chairs in black metal with blue seats, have a wooden table with its natural colour. You can even have some plants on the floor or cover your window sills with them. Add a touch of uniqueness and place a bicycle, too. It will do wonders.
Mix up your concrete walls that have been polished with some vintage looking furniture and luxurious and beautiful rugs to go with.


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 Have a bench inside your home not with the backrest though. Let it be the natural wooden colour and paint the legs black for a better look. Cushions are trending now and you can place some beautiful pillows on it like that of Dakota linen or cherry pearl and maybe some yellow, pink and blue cushions.


Make those small, unused corners of your home more attractive and useful. Place some plants and add the needed greenery to your monotonous home. It will make the place so much better and beautiful. You can denote a shelf for some ceramic flower vase and maybe some candles. You can also get hug collection of home and gardening products at discounted price @ Dealvoucherz.

The Rocket Chair.

Oh, how you’re going to love this piece of beauty! It is going to rock your home. This fantastic chair designed by Fredericia is a fusion of the new and modern-day rocking chair with the cozy old chairs. It is a new approach to modern furniture with a twist to your regular rocker chair. Even though it is made out of plastic, it will let you curl up in it with your favourite book and a blanket. It can comfort you in any position you want. Throw some sheepskin and cushions and give it a Nordic look.
Your home deserves the touch of sophistication and reflects your inner warmth and simplicity. It has been long deprived of it but no more. Try these innovative and simple ideas that are now trending and enjoy your luxurious and fantastic home.
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