Switching to underfloor heating system is a major switch as it is completely going to revolutionize the way you heat your home. Heated Floors by Heavenly heat is a cost efficient way of heating your house. When installing an underfloor heating system there are a few do’s and don’t’s to keep in mind in order to avoid any future mishaps and to help you take care of the system better and under the limitations.


  1. Check the warranty: When buying an underfloor heating system make sure that your warranty includes everything that you need. This is crucial because as they are installed under the floor if anything were to go wrong, then the whole floor would have to be opened in order to fix the glitch. As opening the floor is quite a tedious task, it is recommended that you opt for a heating system which offers you a lifetime warranty.
  2. Check Floor Compatibility: Though underfloor heating system can be installed under almost all kinds of flooring, it is still important to check with the manufacturer and see if it is compatible with the flooring of your house. Materials like tile, wood and laminate are good flooring materials but it is still safer to get it checked.
  3. After Service: Before you make a decision about buying the underfloor heating system it is important that you do some research on the support or service that would be provided to you after you buy the heating system. Only if you are comfortable and satisfied with the competency of support provided then only should you buy it as this is an investment of a lifetime.
  4. Choose according to your preference: When choosing the type of radiant heating system to install make sure it matches your lifestyle and what you exactly need. There are so many options that are available like smart thermostat or a basic one, etc. You should select from these options based on what your preferences are and not what the company is trying to sell to you. So before you go to buy the heating system, it is important that you do some research and then decide accordingly.


  1. Don’t be a skimp: Under floor heating system is once in a lifetime investment so make sure you get the best quality one so that it performs efficiently. Check the materials which are being used, including the pipes or the wires.
  2. Comparison of savings: No two households will have the same amount of saving experience. Talk to the manufacturer of the system of your choice. They will help you figure out the approximate operational cost of the system based on what your needs are.
  3. Cross the recommended temperatures: The manufacturer will recommend temperatures that you should not cross when setting the temperatures. This temperature is based on the kind of flooring that is there. For materials like wood, laminate and vinyl flooring there are known restrictions.
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