Two Rooms To Renovate If You Want To Sell Your Home

Are you looking to add value to your home with the intention of selling as soon as possible?  Well, the new trend [and art?] of house flipping tells us that there are three things you can do in a limited amount of time to dramatically increase the value of your home and the potential for its sale.  These Renovco projects will, hopefully, get you more resale bang for your investment buck either in terms of direct return on investment or in the way it attracts potential buyers.


Hands down, the kitchen is the most widely used and shared space in any home. It is the place where meals are prepared, where families gather, where cultures come alive.  It is used more often and by more people throughout the day than any other room in the house; as such it is the room most likely to sell a home.  Indeed, many potential buyers are willing to overlook other small imperfections if they really love the kitchen.Image result for Two Rooms To Renovate If You Want To Sell Your Home

With that in mind, you should remember the importance of an attractive kitchen when looking into selling your home.  There are several ways to make your kitchen more attractive:

    • total overhaul to create more space and install more industrial-sized appliances (for the happy home chef)
    • replace outdated appliances with new energy-efficient ones
    • resurface counter tops and cabinets and replace accents and hardware
    • simply repaint the walls and perhaps add a new backsplash
    • install new lighting

As you can see, there are many combinations of tasks that will help you to add value to your kitchen.  The average kitchen renovation should cost 10-15{df80582cf8337399a397ccda41002f852f27e98f323712545129bf6d80f36253} of your home’s value (with the average cost of about $15,000), but the return can be as high as 100{df80582cf8337399a397ccda41002f852f27e98f323712545129bf6d80f36253}.


It may seem like you should open up the master bedroom or convert the unfinished basement, but renovating a bathroom is nearly as smart as renovating the kitchen.  Keep in mind that you won’t see as much of a return on this investment as you will with the kitchen, but when people feel more comfortable using the facilities in your home, the more comfortable they will be with the idea of making it their home.  Consider low-flow showerheads, water-efficient toilets, and updating the sink and cabinet. Also, remember that you have to deal with plumbing and electricity in a very tiny space so don’t be afraid to call in an expert.

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