Top Reasons Polished Concrete Is a Popular Flooring Choice

You have probably seen polished concrete flooring in retail stores, warehouses, industrial facilities and all types of commercial buildings. It is certainly a more vibrant concrete than the traditional bland version we are all used to.

Polished concrete is available in many different designs and colours. You’ll find some versions with recycled glass, aggregates, and pebbles embedded into them, too.

And as the name indicates, you can polish this concrete to eliminate the dull appearance. This will create a crystal-clear shine that will be like looking at glass. It is understandable why polished concrete would be used in professional settings. However, it is now trending in the residential flooring market, too.

What you may not realise is that every home already has concrete flooring in it. This is the subflooring that exists underneath your visible flooring features, such as wooden panels, vinyl, ceramic tiles, and carpeting.

As more homeowners are starting to realise this, they are requesting their existing concrete be converted into polished concrete. This is a job that can be done by removing the upper flooring and modifying the existing concrete directly. I

Polished concrete is a cheap flooring solution and provides many benefits to homeowners.

Check out these 5 top reasons polished concrete is such a popular flooring choice:

1. Long Lifespan

Polished concrete flooring can last for hundreds of years if it is consistently maintained.

Concrete, in general, is very durable material and will last longer than any other material in your home. Since it will now be your primary flooring material, you’ll find that concrete lasts a lot longer than wooden laminate, tiling or carpeting.

You won’t need to perform any major maintenance activities very often, either. You can probably go 10 years between polishings and still maintain your floor for the long haul.

2. Easy Maintenance

The normal maintenance activities for polished concrete flooring will only involve a mop and a broom.

While dirt and debris particles can easily build on the hard concrete surface, you merely need to sweep on a daily or weekly basis. There is no need to vacuum polished concrete. Just a little bit of sweeping will do just fine.

But if there is a high-gloss finish on your concrete floor, then you occasionally will need to use a wet mop to help sustain that glossy shine.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

You might find it hard to imagine that concrete could ever be aesthetically pleasing. The great thing about polished concrete is that it doesn’t retain that dull grey appearance.

Polished concrete features all sorts of colours and patterns to make it look beautiful. You can even have it customised with any design you want., making it more original and closer to your own tastes.

4. Affordable & Simple

As previously mentioned, the polished concrete flooring installation will be very simple because the installers will be modifying the existing concrete slabs in your home or building. Therefore, concrete floor polishing is one of the most affordable options available.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Polished concrete flooring does not require any additional flooring materials or hazardous chemicals. This is great for the environment because you are not exhausting any more of its natural resources for your flooring material.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry so much about dirt, mould, dust mites or any other unhealthy pests inhabiting your polished concrete flooring. This means no need to use dangerous pesticides on your flooring and causing everyone in the house to get sick.

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