Top 6 Flooring Types 2018


These are traditionally pretty expensive flooring types however when purchased from Bespoke Flooring Chester you can get some really great deals. Engineered wood on the other hand will cost a little less. Don’t forget that you will also have to pay for floor fitting, which can run up the cost by a significant amount. Hardwoods look extremely nice and also have a great resale value. They are also easy to clean and maintain – usually only needing vacuuming. The cost is the largest drawback, they can make a noise when walked on. We recommend this for your living room as it brings a rustic and cosy feel with it. A rug can be used in combination for a great result.


Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, and so price can vary massively. Professional fitting can also run the price up too. Glazed ceramic tile is extremely durable and scratch resistant. It’s also water resistant. Tiles come in a variety of sizes and also materials. There’s also marble, porcelain, travertine, slate and granite. Tile is very easy to clean indeed, stains are no concern at all. They are loud to walk on just like hardwoods, but this can be used to tasteful effect in hallways etc. They are also difficult to repair, and the grouting can get stained so this will need cleaning. It’s a great option for kitchens and bathrooms where liquids and food may get frequently spilled.

Laminate flooring.

This ranges in price but are typically cheaper than hardwoods and tiles. They are not easily scratched and can look just like real tile or wood – it can be difficult to tell if it’s real or not. They are really easy to clean. Standing water can ruin laminate flooring and they can’t be simply refinished like proper hardwoods.


This also varies depending on the quality and make. Standard carpeting however should not cost you a great deal. There are usually some good deals on at your local flooring provider. It not only feels soft and luscious on the foot, it also provides a soft and comfortable look to a room. It’s quiet to walk on and prevents echoing so use this to desired effect. It can however get very dirty very easily (get your guests to take their shoes off). Despite regular vacuum cleaning it may still have hidden dirt – not great for people with allergies. The best location is low traffic rooms, like bedrooms – this minimises dirt that can get trapped within it.


This is typically the cheaper option but it is possible it can cost considerably more depending on what you get. Vinyl is easy on the feet, it’s also inexpensive when compared with some other kinds of flooring. Vinyl has come an extremely long way when it is applied to the home, and can look like wood or tile, but still doesn’t look quite like the real deal. Vinyl can take dings and tears easily due to the nature of the material. It can also be a challenge to clean. It’s great in laundry rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen.


This can range in price just like the other variants. Cork is a great insulator, it’s warm soft and absorbs sounds. It’s a natural and renewable material it’s therefore environmentally friendly. It’s antimicrobial and resistant to mold and so safe for all the family. Beware that it will fade and potentially turn yellow with time. It can also get damaged in furniture pressure points. Great in the bedroom for its softness and warmth.

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