Top 5 Items to Fit Your Bathroom

Developing a practical bathroom without losing precious square meters is not easy. Between the technical constraints and the sometimes-quirky architecture of housing, there are many challenges to overcome. Same thing when the surface is limited. Here is a compilation of articles that you have voted in 2018 to create the perfect bathroom, with complete peace of mind.

An easy-going bathroom relies above all on a smart layout. Before even considering the decoration of the water feature, we must dwell on the functionality of the space, the design of the shower or bath, the integration of toilets, the optimization of square meters. In short, nothing should be left to chance to fit the bathroom of a home properly. We understood it well. Before starting the layout of a bath, take a look at the five most popular papers on the subject.

Layout Studying

When space is limited in the bathroom, studying the layout of each element is essential. The goal? Maximize the available area. There are many tips for gluing a few square centimeters, from the built-in furniture to the glass partitions to the mini version — a collection of small, ultra-functional bathrooms.

Extra Space

The converted attics represent a real added value for any home if the guest room or the children’s dormitory fits comfortably, the bathroom likely to drop more and more luggage under the roofs.

If the bathtub has certain advantages, it is not less tight space. So when the tub is aging and clutters half the bathroom, it’s best to say bye-bye. This is indeed the opinion of architects and interior designers who have swapped the baths of these homes for contemporary showers and comfortable at will.

Ideal to Develop your Bathroom?

Here is something to fix it. In these small bathrooms unearthed on Pinterest, everything has been thought not to spoil any nook. Wall-hung washbasin, built-in laundry, all height storage, and small shower, space-saving tips are not lacking in these mini spaces. Like what, combining practicality and style is not so complicated.

They often go in the background, and yet, the toilets need a proper layout. Whether sitting in the family bathroom or a secluded room, the toilet should not be overlooked during a renovation.

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