Top 4 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Display Village Visit

Visiting a display home village is an exciting step you should take when building your new home. However, often when people visit display homes, they make several crucial mistakes. These mistakes become even more apparent when they visit multiple display homes in one day.

Read on to find out the top mistakes you might make when visiting a display home village, and see how you can fix it.

  • Not Being Prepared

As building a new home is a big investment, you want to be as prepared as possible when you visit a display village. Here are some things you should probably take with you:

  • A smartphone with a camera for taking pictures of your favourite features of each display home for future reference;
  • A measuring tape;
  • Something to carry your brochures;
  • A notepad and pen; and
  • A wish list of features for your house.

The last item on this list is important to bring up with the builder, as you want to be happy with the place that you will most likely be living in for the next ten to twenty years. It will also help you keep focused because it is easy to get distracted by all the cool features and upgrades that are shown in most display homes. Having a list of features you want helps keep you on track on what you really want.

  • Not Asking About Inclusions

As mentioned, often display homes will show a lot of cool features because they are built to impress. Make sure you ask what is included in the standard package before you fall in love with any extras. As most display homes are fitted with extras that are not included in the standard package, letting the builder know your budget upfront will make it easier for them to point out which features will be included in your home and which ones will cost extra. That way you both know exactly where you stand.

  • Not Knowing Your Measurements

When visiting a display home you need to know the exact measurements of both existing land you own that you plan to build the house on, and existing furniture you plan to put in the house. If you don’t know either of these measurements then your whole day at the display village will be wasted. This is also why you need to bring a measuring tape with you, so you can measure if your existing furniture will fit into the rooms of the display home. The furniture shown in the display home is carefully chosen to look great and impress potential buyers but it also needs to accommodate your furniture as well, so don’t be afraid to measure the room and see if it does.

Visiting a display village can be an overwhelming experience. However, at Homeworld, the experienced and friendly builders are always on hand to help out. And with over 50 builders to choose from in 4 locations across Sydney and New South Wales’ Central Coast and Hunter Valley, you are sure to find the home of your dreams. Find out more by visiting

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