Tips for maintaining commercial floors

If you have a business premise or an office apartment, you will agree that the floors of the premises require a lot more care than the floor at home. This is due to a combination of high traffic, high loads, dragging of furniture among other effects. Moreover, you need a clean floor all the time when the organization is open for business to ensure hygiene and improve the look of your office. Here are some few tips on maintaining the floor of commercial premises using battery floor scrubbers.

Plan for maintenance

You do not have to wait until the floor is severely damaged or very dirty for you to spring into action. Plan for regular cleaning and maintenance actions such as polishing and buffing. If you receive a lot of visitors to the premise, you may need to have full-time janitorial staff to do the cleaning of the main traffic areas every few hours.

As for the wood, tile, and other surfaces that require polishing, estimate the period after which you need another layer of polish. It could be after six months or less depending on the traffic. This ensures that the floor does not look pale and worn out at any time.

Get the right equipment

The commercial floors require a lot more work than residential floors. You may need battery floor scrubbers to deal with deeply entrenched dirt especially during wet season. You also need quality mopers and detergents to make the work easier for your janitorial staff. Having the right tools also saves time spent scrubbing and mopping the floor.

Hire professional staff or companies

It is a good move to hire professional janitors to do the cleaning than picking just anyone out there. The professionals know the best ways to clean various areas of your workplace. They also have the right tools such as battery floor scrubbers, brushes, moppers, and squeezers depending on your kind of floor. Hiring a professional cleaning company allows you to concentrate on other things as the company take care of the cleaning.

Get the right type of floor for your premises

Depending on the type of work done at the premises and foot traffic, you may install different types of floors to fit the usage of various offices and work areas. In high traffic areas, avoid using delicate floors such as wood and some types of stone floors. These can be used in offices where there are few visitors.

Besides, industrial floors should be resistant to staining, scratching, and temperature changes. Avoid floors that may catch fire or warp if water is accidentally poured onto the floor. Hardy floors ensure the safety of your employees, and save you from regular repairs and replacements.

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