Tips for choosing the perfect light bulb for your house – Things to keep in mind

If you take a look at the bigger picture, you’ll find out that the light bulb market has evolved like never before and it has also gone through a massive change. The incandescent bulbs are now becoming a thing of past and they’re now being replaced with CFLs which help you conserve energy. As the whole world is taking baby steps to join the green revolution, why will the light bulb market be left behind?

When you step into the market for buying light bulbs for your house, you have to keep in mind the type that you want, the size and the brightness of the bulb. What are the types from which you should choose? Here’s help for you as we’re going to help you walk through what you need and what else you would require knowing before buying a bulb.

#1: The light bulb has to fit properly

There are many trips to the market which have been thwarted due to anyone not giving you this piece of information. Once you’re into the market, you will find yourself being subject to a huge number of fittings from which you may find it daunting to choose a single type. In case of confusion, carry the bulb that you’re about to replace so that you can get the actual fitting for it. Remember the reference number for future use.

#2: Don’t let the initial high cost of LED bulbs turn you down

While there are candle bulbs available at lower costs, if you think that the initial upfront cost of LED lights is too hefty for you, don’t let it discourage you from buying as the amount is worth it. There are mainly 3 types of light bulbs, halogens, CFLs and LEDs. The annual running cost of a CFL is $2.05 if you keep it on for 3 hours a day, the same time frame will cost you $8.45 for halogens and for LEDs, the cost is $1.72. The latter use 90% less energy as against any other conventional incandescent bulb.

#3: Get the proper color and brightness of the bulb

One more thing that you need to keep in mind is the kind of light that you would prefer for your room. This means that you have to decide on the brightness which is called the watt or the lumen of the bulb, the colour of the light that you’re looking for and this is something that is measured in Kelvin scale. Before you visit the retailer, educate yourself on few of the technical terms watts and lumens, Kelvin scale, Color Rendering Index (CRI) and few others.

#4: Get the best quality bulb

You will hopefully feel more educated after you’ve gone through the above mentioned points. The last thing that you need to keep in mind is the color of the bulb, its shape and definitely the best quality. Know how to spot the best quality bulb.

Therefore, whenever you’re thinking of choosing a bulb for illuminating your home, you have to keep in mind everything that is discussed above as it is only then that you can make an informed decision.

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