Three Common Types of Office Chairs

When you work in an office, you probably sit in a chair at a desk.  That might sound really comfortable, and an excellent way to spend the day at work, but to maximize your efficiency (and minimize discomfort) you really need to make sure you are using the proper chair for the task.  That’s right, the various types of 123ink office chairs are designed for very specific purposes!  And you want to pick the right one for your needs!


Also called “boardroom chairs,” the conference room chair is probably the most common type of chair you will find in any office setting.  Of course, that is because you will need enough conference room chairs for everyone to fit around a boardroom table (and, perhaps, enough for visitors/guests/partners too).

These chairs are designed for easy transport:  usually lightweight and stackable.  But they are also designed to be comfortable; at least, comfortable enough to sit in a boardroom for an hour or two at a time.  At the same time, these chairs are usually not adjustable, so they may not be the best chair for all body types.


Now, if you really prefer comfort over practicality, then you probably want a type of chair that is very comfortable.  While the conference room chair is flimsy and lightweight, the executive chair is very bold; at least in terms of support.  They almost always have a high back and a cushioned seat; and the armrests are also often cushioned.  Leather may also be a common treat.  Most importantly, though, executive chairs are more mobile than their thinner counterparts, but while conference room chairs are easy to pick up and move, executive chairs have wheels and casters that make them easy to move too.  And with an adjustable backrest, these seats are usually far more accommodating to different body types and postures.


For the best of both worlds, you may also want to look at ergonomic chairs.  These seating options are designed for both comfort and function!  For one, they are made to maximize comfort with superior back muscle and spine support. Of course, they are also large and cushioned—just like executive chairs—but have more personalization functions (like adjustable armrests and headrests) to truly help you maintain proper posture, reduce fatigue, and hold your focus whenever you are at work.

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