Things you need to take care of while designing your kid’s room


Recreating your kid’s room might be a precarious business but with unique ideas and the right amount of planning, you can turn your child’s room into comforting yet ultra-modern. As kids, these days are very specific when it comes to certain colors and design. It’s important to know your child’s taste, their need and what is actually good for them.

Today pink is no more a girl color and blue, a boy color. The best way of designing a kid’s room is creating a happy and welcoming atmosphere. Here is a list of things you should avoid doing while designing kids room.

More use of warm colors

Kids love bright and peppy colors like purple, green, yellow, pink, red and blue. More use of warm colors can give dull look to kid’s room. Explore your child’s likeness for certain sets of color theme and pattern before making a final layout. Ask your child to choose their favorite color from the rainbow or the color box and create pattern and theme on the basis of their color choices. Good lighting and vivid color shades can make kids room look vibrant.

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Making study table less appealing

A lot of parents look for a simple study table for their kids as they think it is only used while doing homework or while studying. Remember, kids, love things that not just feel good but look good so their study table should be visually appealing to help them study, play, and develop ideas. A study cum computer table with ample storage space that can take care of kids many utilities and a comfortable chair is what your child needs.

Restricting to cartoon and animated characters

Think beyond animated characters that are being part of every child’s room for so many years. The theme of kid’s room should match the personality of your child. There are many themes available in markets like the starry night, underwater scenery, outer space, airplanes, rainbows, campfire, snow, or jungle theme. To keep the kids going, you can create a play zone with an Indoor climbing wall or install chalkboard art wall or craft paper wall to display their unique artwork.

Too much stuffing in the room

Avoid stuffing room with too many types of furniture or décor or toys. Leave some space for movement as kids like to go around in their room. Other than a bed and a study table, a kid’s room should have some space for seating and storage. Furniture should be made in a way that it has inner storage as kids tend to Always look for Interior designer in Chennai to give you ideas and keep you updated with the current trend.

Paying less attention to lights

Light is one of the most important parts of a room interior. Dull and plain lights are a major drawback for kids as they want their space to be bright and radiant. Parents must install good quality overhead lights and wall lamps to light up their child’s room. If your child loves being a rock star, install a spotlight to bring into focus a mini stage. And, if he/she is a nature lover, keep space for at least one window for natural light and fresh air to come in.

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