The potential reasons for using microtopping for your floors


The concrete-type materials have lots of positive features that make them more valuable for constructing or repairing the architectural structures. For flooring, we usually use tiles, concrete and several other materials. However, Beton DeLuxe microtopping flooring is another innovative option for you. While you are trying to renovate the floor surface without causing much mess, micro topping technology is the best solution for you. At present, you may have ceramic, wood or stone floors. However, when you look for a tactile and consistent surface, you can apply micro topping.


Why choose a micro topping

Everything is natural in the ingredients

You will find the use of natural components in a micro topping process. A unique blend of cement and the liquid polymer are used for this procedure. The professionals combine these two materials manually, and this gives you with the best output. The thickness level that they maintain is 3mm, and you will have various ranges of finishes, ranging from sleek and smooth ones to the anti-slip and rustic quality. You may also rely on micro topping as one of the protective treatments to create a stronger surface. Get the full aesthetic value from this process.


Versatility in the design

The beautiful, versatile option, micro topping offers you several textures, designs and colors. In addition to it, the use of sealers will help you to use chemical-resistant and slip-resistant surface. You will also find it easy to maintain. The professionals may customize the level of gloss that you like to have on the surface.

Easy cleaning

Just after applying the micro topping, you have to make sure that you have given full protection to the surface. You have to do it in the first few months. You must not spill liquid or move heavy furniture over it. You should not drop any object on the floor.

However, in future, you won’t have to think of maintenance of your micro topping. It is just like wooden flooring. Simple cleaning with detergent and water will give you the best solution.

Adjust the colors

With the re-application of micro topping, you will have the option of altering the colors. Thus, it becomes easy for you to get a renewed surface. In most cases, the professionals choose UV-resistant colors. However, constant contact with sunlight will fade away the color of micro topping.

To get all the above advantages, you may look for hiring micro topping specialists in your locality.

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