The Best Ways To Prevent Sewer Blockage

It is important to mention that clogged sewer comes and goes from time to time. It depends on how many people live in the household, but according to professionals, you have to maintain it properly to reduce extra expenses.

If you neglect it, that could lead to sewer replacement which is a more significant project that will take more money out of your pocket than regular maintenance. Therefore, we recommend you to consider ways to prevent and reduce the possibility of replacement.

Don’t Wait For A Mainline Clog

Households with clogged sewer lines should do something about it as soon as possible. The idea is to reduce the possibility of getting a central line blockage. You can find numerous service companies that will inspect the problem and give you a comprehensive analysis before you make up your mind.

The best way to do it is by sending a small, remote camera down the line for complete visual inspections. In most cases, it starts because tree roots enter tile joints or piping. In some scenarios, the problem can happen because root enters rotted out cast iron that will join the line and create a significant blockage.

It is vital to find a cause before you create a more significant problem that will take more money out of your pocket. It is easier to clean the sewer before it enters the mainline because it could cause problems with the entire neighborhood.

Add Lint Catcher On Washing Machine

By adding lint cacher on your washing machine, you will reduce the possibility of creating trouble with the drain. If you back up the washing machine, bits of fabric, as well as facial tissues and occasional parts of clothes such as socks, can sneak through drain hose and cause problems in your entire sewer line.

The best way to keep the stuff from entering the hose and causing further issues is to install a lint trap at the end of the tube. You will be able to purchase it online or at the place where you’re buying home appliances, hardware stores, or you can improvise by adding nylon stocking.

You have to use a zip tie to hold the lint in the place, which will reduce unwanted blockage that could create havoc in the entire household. You should keep an eye on the trap after each performance, and as soon as it gets full, you should replace it.

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Add Bacteria That Will Break Down Organic Matters In Drains

It doesn’t matter if the reason for blockage is food, grease or hair, organic matters are simple to break down by adding the specific type of bacteria meant just for those reasons. You can add it to drains, and it will quickly consume everything organic inside so that you can prevent clogs and blockage.

We recommend you to purchase bacteria in liquid or granular form because it is the best choice when compared with other unblocking techniques. You can rest assured because bacterial drain cleaner won’t cause corrosion to pipings. At the same time, it won’t interfere with the bacteria in the septic system.

It is vital to follow instructions you get on the package and to use bacteria when you’re not using the drains. Therefore, it is best to do it right before you go to bed because it takes some time to make it work and you should avoid using the water.

Always Collect Grease

The worst thing that you can do to your drainage system is to allow grease to enter the pipelines and to cause blockages. You should have in mind that hot fat will run down the drain until it cools down, where it will stay and create a clog. It is problematic because other stuff will bind to it, so you will make a significant clog which means substantial expense.

The best thing that you can do is to reduce the possibility of clogging by avoiding to pour oil and grease down the drain. Collect it by using a paper towel or tissues and throw it into the trash when as soon as possible.

You can also purchase a container that will keep the grease healthy so that you can use it a few times without any additional problem.

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