The Best Plants to Grow in Your Garden Pond

Aquatic plants add a lovely and natural-looking touch to your pond. They’re easy to maintain, affordable, and can be just the detailed touch your pond needed to truly be beautiful and unique. Ensure that you select from the large variety of high quality pond liners, since plants require a clean and unleakable environment to blossom. We’ve created a list of all the best aquatic plants to help you plan your garden. Let’s get started.

10) Pickerel

This beautiful flower is available in blue, pink, and white lavender flowers that are spiked. It has shiny heart-shaped foliage in a vibrant green that compliments garden ponds nicely. They’re long-lasting and add a subtle, elegant touch to any pond.

9) Water Lettuce

This green plant sits on top of the water and resembles lettuce. It’s very subtle and is a nice gentle touch to your pond.

8) Mosaic Plant

This unique and interesting plant has diamond-shaped leaves that resemble a mosaic in red and green. This plant can work excellently as a backdrop to your pond or as the focal point.

7) Horsetail

This beautiful plant has an incredibly unique appearance and is an eye-catching plant to add to your garden pond. It’s a fast spreader, however, so maintenance will be a little more than some of the others mentioned.

6) Creeping Jenny

This vibrant green plant looks especially nice when creeping among rocks. They thrive in garden ponds.

5) Sweet Flag

This plant is extremely flexible and is an easy way to fill up a large blank space, as it appears to be rather large due to how the branches and leaves grow. They’re capable of growing with just the roots in the water or the plant being partially submerged in the water and they work in most ponds.

4) Water Lilies

These beautiful and vibrant flowers lay on top of the water. They come in a myriad of colors and provide a nice pop of vibrancy to your pond. Read this guide for more tips.

3) Blue Iris

These flowers are among the first to bloom in spring. It comes in shades of blue and purple and have a pop of yellow. They’re a gorgeous, delicate flower and provide an elegant touch to any pond.

2) Taro

This leafy plant does well in both full sunlight and partial sunlight. If you live in a colder climate, however, you might want to bring it inside for the winter.

1) Cardinal Flower

This gorgeous, eye-catching flower is an excellent focal point for any pond. The rare burgundy foliage really sets off the vibrancy of the red, making it pop even more.


Be sure to choose your plants wisely. Not only do you need to consider your climate and soil, but you also should consider the type of pond you have and its size. Research the plant you want to choose and make sure it can survive in your garden.

Choosing the perfect plants to add to the landscape of your garden pond can be challenging, but it’s important to plan ahead based on your climate, soil, pond, and space. We hope we’ve given you plenty of great options to consider to help build your dream garden. Make sure to shop around before making your purchases, as these plants can get expensive and you don’t want to go over your budget.

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