The Best House Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Hacks

Keeping your house clean is the first thing you want to do before you start any other daily routine activities. Your home is the place where you live, and you are therefore obliged to keep it tidy not just for the fulfilment of your basic needs but for various other activities that may come in your life. On holiday you could have your relatives visiting you, and for this reason, you do not want to give them a poor first impression through an unorganized house. It is true that a book is not to be judged by its cover but for the house, it is different because the more hardworking you are, the better it becomes. There are many house cleaning and organising tips and hacks we have for you that can help you make your house clean and look organized. Let’s get started.

Before cleaning the house

Before we get started, why don’t we have a quick review of what needs to be done for a home to look clean? Of course, it is not about using water and mop to clean out the dust, but it encompasses all the activities that comprise the beauty of a house. When we look at our homes, the house begins with our compounds especially the entrance, because this is where our visitors see the first time they come to our home. It is essential thus, that before we get to the details of the house, we have to make our lawns.

Cleaning the house itself

  • The walls, windows and fascia boards

From the outside, the major parts are the windows, fascia boards, main entrances and the walls. Connecting the wall and the fascia boards is a wooden plane forming space between itself and the roof. It is the place where most insects and arachnids stay and build their homes and you thus, have to look for an opening to clean the space periodically. Using certified sprays to chase away the insects may come in handy in keeping the place tidy. For wall and windows, using high-pressure pumps and squeegee works fine. Companies like the Sparkle + Shine can do it even better at very cheap prices.

  • The interior

The interior part is where we stay most of the time, and it is always clean. Most of us ignore the outer portion because we rarely stay outside but it plays a significant role in the cleanliness of the house. The inside contains the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, dining, stores and study and all have different styling techniques to match the usage. For example, talking about the dining room, we will be talking about things like the dining table, cutlery, utensils etc. and for the study, we will be talking about computers, books. Magazines etc.

The kitchen

The food we eat is the source of most of our bodies’ needs. Cooking healthy meals thus requires that we have our kitchens clean to the highest standards. We need to keep the bad smell that may develop in the kitchen due to rotting leftover food by cleaning the utensils after meals and the wiping the kitchen tables with harmless perfumed detergents to keep the insects away. Insects are carriers of diseases and keeping them away means protecting ourselves from dangers.

The Living Room

The living room is the place we spent most of our time watching TV, interacting with friends and family members and do most of the things that do not require specialised rooms. The living room has the largest are occupied by seats that are not readily movable like the rest of therooms. These seats are low height seats have to be moved to clean their underside so that dust can be eliminated. Ignoring the underside of these seats allow the buildup of dust which with time cause allergies and people will start sneezing when the wind blows through the living room and raise dust.

Other rooms and the Bathroom

The bedrooms and the study are all squeezed and have characteristics similar to those of the living room. The small spaces cause a build-up of dust if left out when cleaning which may cause severe ailments in the long run. The toilets too may attract flies if left unattended or done without care and this poses us to severe waterborne diseases resulting from contamination of drinking water or utensils by the flies. Keeping all the sections attended is good practice and will make use leave in a cleaner home.

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