Some Ways On How To Decorate A Studio Apartment

The size of studio apartments varies and depending on it, there are different ways to approach them that can be used to accentuate the room and give it its own character. Everyone’s taste varies as well and what may be suitable for you may not be the same for another person.

Defining the space

The use of curtains is the best approach for a tiny apartment. You can put a curtain around your bed to both define the space and to create a sense of privacy from the rest of the room which can give you a peaceful space with a nook-like feel. You could also decide to raise the bed area if you’re not a fan of curtains and it would still work.

For larger apartments, you’re better off having a large king size bed centered on one end of the room without having the need for any kind of space separator. Instead, you could use a different kind of carpet for you to create an illusion of separation and a different space.

Dividing the space

There are a number of things which can be used to divide space aside from walling. Having a book shelf is one of the common ways that people use to separate the spaces in a studio apartment. It acts as a transitioning element from the living area to the bed area. A pull down screen is another space divider that can be used and even having a TV set-up area can be centered between the spaces to create the mental illusion of separate spaces.

Multifunctional spaces

Considering that a studio apartment doesn’t exactly give you enough room to place everything separately, you have to be creative in how you use what little space you have. The spaces can serve more than one purpose to eliminate the need of extra space. A good example is to have a study area and an eating area. These two don’t occur concurrently – at least not usually – so a small dining space can serve the purpose. The setup can be placed between the living and kitchen area and it can even act as a transitioning space.

Combining spaces creatively

By eliminating the need for a space divider, you could instead opt to arrange your furniture skillfully. This means that you have to arrange them relative to one another and at the same time create an illusion of privacy and separation. An example of this is by placing the bed directly behind the sofa.

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