Redefining the interiors of your home with textures!

Luxury homes have balanced interiors, where every element is in sync with one another. Often, the ideas are minimalistic with limited use of colors, and in such cases, texture often has a big role to play. In this post, we take a look at why texture is so important and how you can more of it for your home.

The relevance of texture

Interior experts agree that texture does add that extra dimension to every space. Apart from the obvious visual appeal, it also creates an illusion between surfaces. No wonder, some of the big luxury home brands, such as Le Studio Luminaires, have been creating textiles and fabrics that just add that rough touch to an otherwise smooth décor theme. When it comes to textures, you have to think simple. For example, a bright-colored rug on the floor just transforms the entire flooring, while a textured paint finish can accentuate the beauty of an art piece. Many furniture items also have textured surfaces, for that rustic, old-world charm.

The ideas

  • Start with the fabrics. Carpets and rugs have been traditionally used for home, but if you bring in more of different fabrics, the game can be even more interesting. Instead of just the rough or rugged carpets, you can have silks or simple textured curtains that work well against the smooth walls.
  • Comfort is the key. Your home interiors should be comfy and inviting. Many homeowners prefer a lot of layered textured elements. For example, weather woods work really well with layered rugs. The idea is to experiment with more than one idea at a time, but without causing a fight between the elements. The good thing is you don’t have to change everything but even one item, added at a time, can have a big impact.
  • Playing around the wall. Curtains, as we mentioned earlier, are great for dressing the windows and complementing the textures of the wall. Additionally, you can consider hanging simple rugs and carpets on the wall or can use them in free frames for those spots of texture.
  • Paint the furniture. There are a wide range of furniture finishes that you can try for your home. Pick up the oldest items in the living area, or even wicker, for a DIY project on the weekend. Textures along with colors can create a unique impression in no time.
  • Go the other way out. If you want to do things a little more differently, consider including fine fabrics in the mix and opt for embellished high-end luxury furniture items. Rustic metals and use of different wooden finishes also help in getting a polished look when matched with fabrics.
  • Bring in harmony. Don’t change many things in a room at the same time, because it gets hard to match things. For that ultimate balance, start with a focal point in the room, and build everything around it. For example, if you have a fabric sofa in a bright color at the center of the living area, you can actually use the same color around the room in different ways.

Check online now to find the best brands for luxury home décor and invest in a few good textiles and fabrics. You can also find sofas, couches and tables that match the existing theme.

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