Red Sea Homes You Need To Consider Investing In

The Red Sea Riviera is chock full of cities and towns with beautiful properties with that are worth looking at if you are considering living in a new place. Some of the properties in the Red Sea region can be found in the resort destination known as Port Ghalib, which is found in Egypt and has world-class facilities and residences whose interior design and construction has received contributions from renowned architects and the likes. Some of these residences include Wadi Ghalib, Tower Village and the Marina Residence.

Wadi Ghalib is an upcoming housing project whose design has received heavy influence from the local history, culture and the environment. The housing units present on this property are tailored to suit everyone’s needs especially budget-wise and vary from stand- alone villas that are quite extensive, town houses that are convenient for you and cosy apartments. The compound has buildings done in a Nubian style as a result of acclaimed architects Soheir Farid and Rami El- Dahan’s skill. There is a clubhouse and several restaurants in the property compound.

Tower Village is another piece of real estate that you will definitely want to get your hands on. It is ideal for those who want to experience the luxury that Port Ghalib has to offer but at a more limited budget. The plot is very relaxing on account of the surrounding greenery which makes for a serene view that works hand in hand with the architecture of the property to achieve that harmonious serenity. It has all sizes of apartments so you have a wide range to choose from including one – three bedroomed apartments and even studio apartments for those looking to for a more compacted living space that still provides the luxury offered by Port Ghalib. The interior décor borrows themes heavily from the Arabian desert which you can evidently see if you are keen enough. Tower village has been constructed in such a way that neighbors can meet and catch up in designated areas between the buildings so you can be sure there is a real fostered sense of community in this place. For those also looking to start building a Red Sea home, you should consider housing units with a larger living space for this purpose.

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Finally, we have the Marina Residence which as the name suggests have housing units with lovely views of the Marina and the corniche not to mention the layouts of the houses have been set up in Arabian design if you are an enthusiast of such then prepare to be in for a real treat. There are apartments and studios that are fully furnished here. You have the option of selecting a housing unit with a view of the Red Sea horizon, the pools or the man-made canal that is an added feature of the residence compound. Amenities nearby include shopping plazas, eateries, spas, and boutiques enabling you to still get whatever you need, making your stay as comfortable as humanly possible.

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