Reasons to choose LUXAFLEX Awnings, Blinds, and Shutters!

LUXAFLEX offers an extensive range of window coverings for outside and inside your home. The suite of products includes shutters, blinds, awnings and more. All these products are designed with a focus on innovation, beauty, and durability. LUXAFLEX products are designed to provide optimal privacy and light control. They are easy to maintain and remain at the cutting edge of Technology and design.

Why choose LUXAFLEX awnings, Blinds, and shutters?

Choosing the right kind of Window dressing is one important decision every homeowner should make. Whether you need screening from the sunlight control or heat control, you have privacy concerns, or if you just want to add a stylish and beautiful look to your bedroom and living area, LUXAFLEX blinds are the right solution for you. You can go for these innovative products with no further thinking. They will add beauty to your space giving it a stunning and neat finish.


The range of LUXAFLEX blinds and awnings comes with a huge variety of fabrics, materials, colours, and operating systems. Available in both manual and automatic operating systems, they are very versatile. You can use them in any of your rooms to add a curb appeal without investing a considerable sum. These offer an opportunity for you to change the feel of your building or home without investing much. It goes well with any room Windows. The choice is yours!

Fit in any home!

The LUXAFLEX shutters and Blinds suits to any home ambience. LUXAFLEX shutters come in a variety of timber stains and paint finishes to combine durability, quality, and functionality. It gives authentic natural fields to your home. These shutters are renowned for withstanding even the toughest of conditions. An added benefit with these shutters is that they are maintenance free.

LUXAFLEX awnings

With LUXAFLEX you can have your outdoor environment covered. The awnings fit to windows of all sizes and shapes and go well with a range of exterior settings from the patio to outdoor dining areas. The retractable awnings come with a fantastic variety of options which includes, motorised or crank operation, integrated wind protection system, wind and sun sensors. The awnings provide a traditional charm to any outdoor area and come in different colours and styles. These awnings are specially designed by experts in the field to last longer requiring low maintenance.

The awnings functions and are designed to provide air flow control and UV protection. The aluminium awnings are one solution to face the hot sun.

All LUXAFLEX awnings come with concise and clear cleaning and care instruction. When followed, these blinds will last longer and will never fade off!

LUXAFLEX blinds:

LUXAFLEX blinds are available in different designs. Choose the one to suit your lifestyle depending on the individual preferences, to adjust and control light, influence the atmosphere, create a variety of moods, or to add character to every room of your home. Whichever look you select, with LUXAFLEX blinds you can be confident with a guarantee of excellence in innovation, quality and years of enjoyment!

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