Things That a Professional Should Check on Your HVAC System

It’s that time of the year again; when you should be having your HVAC system checked in advance of cold weather. When it is maintained properly you will have lower utility bills.

Professional exam

In order to save money on your utility cost, it’s time to have your commercial HVAC in Dallas checked out before another day passes by. Most HVAC units can last as long as 20 years but the older it is the more energy the unit could be using. So your unit needs to be examined in order to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently. A professional can:

  • Inspect belts;
  • Clean air ducts;
  • Inspect motors;
  • Check electrical switches;
  • Check gas pressure;
  • Check thermostat.qqq

Old unit

They can also tell you if your unit has seen one too many winters and if it needs replacing. Granted a replacement unit is a large cost initially, but it will save money for you in the long run. This is also why you should check your unit out long before the onset of any winter snow and ice. Better to get it replaced or repaired early so you don’t have to go many days without heat.

Filter replaced

Most of the time the only repair needed is simply to replace the old filter. Most heating or plumbing companies will advice you to replace filters on your unit once a month so it can work its best.

Old thermostat

You also need to have your thermostat checked – the older ones use mercury and are very inaccurate. You could be setting your temperature to what you want but in reality the unit could be exceeding that temperature. This also causes the use of too much electricity.


Digital thermostat

It is advised to update your thermostat to a digital one to make sure the temperature levels are accurate. Additionally, digital thermostats are able to be programmed enabling you to set the heat to turn on when you want it to and then automatically turn off when you want it to.

Heating ducts

A professional contractor will also clean your HVAC system’s heating ducts. These ducts are more efficient when cleaned and provide clean and fresh air. Ducts also can have punctures, dents or parts that are disconnected. Again, damaged ducts can raise your heating bills. And if ducts are not insulated properly, the air seeps out of them.

These are all things that a professional HVAC contractor can check for you before the weather gets colder. This makes your unit last longer and be more efficient.

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