Popular Types of Houses For Sale in Tri-Cities, WA

There are a number of popularly styled houses for sale within the Tri-cities WA region, ranging from mid-century designs to minimalist to hybrid homes. However, what the most popular types of homes have in common is that even in newer homes, builders take great effort to incorporate a bit of northwest traditional style into each structure.

Mid-Century Homes

Popularized in the 1950s, mid-century design boasts indoor-outdoor spaces with vaulted ceilings or wall-to-wall windows. Mid-century exteriors typically boast a vintage ambiance with angular designs and shallow slopes along rooflines.

Split-Level Homes

Also known as split-entry homes, these first dominated the market in the 1970s and remain popular today with families. Generally, these homes provide dual living spaces and adjacent rooms open up to one another in many floor plans.

Northwest Contemporary Minimalist Homes

Minimalism came into play within northwest contemporary in the mid-80s as builders desired to create functional yet simple spaces that make maximum use of all of a home’s square footage. In many ways, the exteriors resemble that of 1960s homes with little ornamentation and nearly flat or low-sloped roofs.

Post Modernist Homes

Post modernist homes tend to take architectural features and aesthetic designs that hail from an array of backgrounds. This allows them to have a more unique look, but they do tend to take up more land space than split-level and minimalist homes.

Traditional Revivals and Hybrids

Many newly constructed homes in Tri-cities, WA boast craftsman-inspired custom millwork and Tudor-style rooflines. Traditional revivals and hybrids exude the look of classic homes but typically offer greater square footage and feature high-tech amenities within interiors.

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