Polyurethane coating – Tips for perfection

When you turn around to your home you will find countless products made up of wood. Wood is a part of our day to day life either used for utility product or for home décor items. To enhance the durability of the wood and to keep it safe from moisture and wood bugs you need to coat it with polyurethane coating.

There are two verities of polyurethane wood coatings, one is oil based and the other one is water based. Both of them applies through different methods and serve different purposes. Hence which type of coating you should prefer purely depends upon the wood project in which you are involved.

It is quite easy to apply oil-based polyurethane rather than using water based as it is less temperamental. But it takes more time to get dry and this made it susceptible to sit dust over it. While water-based polyurethane coating gets dry easily and posses less odor than oil-based polyurethane.

Few tips to give a complete finishing

Use of good quality brush – Bush plays a vital role in giving a fine finishing to the coating. A high-quality brush does not leave the brush mark and gives finer finishing. For water-based polyurethane synthetic bristles are appropriate while natural bristles are appropriate for oil-based polyurethane.

Still well rather than shake polyurethane – It is necessary to still well the polyurethane before applying it over wood. Shaking the polyurethane can create bubbles that will give an impact over finishing.

Sanding between the coats for proper finishing – Sanding between each coat removes the blemish and bumps that have been created while the coating process. But one should avoid rough coating as it creates stains. It is necessary to get each coat fully dry before sanding.

The application according to grains – Polyurethane wood coatings should be applied in the direction of the wood grain for perfect finishing.

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