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Moving: it can be hard During Summer Months

The removals increase considerably during the summer. In all countries, the increase in removals in summer exceeds 20% compared to other times of the year.

This option has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Among the advantages of making a move in summer, including the following:

Advantages Of Summer Move

  • During the summer we have more free time, we can take advantage of the holidays to better plan the move than if we were working.
  • We can make a move in a more relaxed and reduces the stress that normally leads to this situation.
  • If we have children at home, it is preferable to make a move in summer to not interrupt either their studies or their usual activities. This also allows us to involve the children in the move in a positive way, teaching them to organize their personal things and to know how to give priority to the belongings that they want to keep and from which they must be detached. We can take advantage of the occasion to carry out an educational activity with the children.
  • We have more time to adapt to our new home, learn more about the new neighborhood and its infrastructures.
  • Once installed, we can better organize the placement of furniture and furnishings and leave our new home perfectly prepared to be inhabited comfortably from the beginning.
  • Make moving in summer is especially recommended in areas where there is usually abundant rainfall and cold throughout the year that can make it difficult to carry out the move without risk to our belongings.

Among the biggest drawbacks of moving during the summer, include:

Disadvantages Of Summer Move

  • Because of the considerable increase in demand, the best moving company are more requested, and it is much more difficult to hire their services on the desired date, so we have to adapt to those that are free.
  • Given the increase in demand, the price of the move can also be higher.
  • In areas of high heat, it can be exhausting to carry out all the transfer of the move in the months when the temperature is very high.
  • We have less moving companies to choose from since most of them tend to be collapsed during these dates.
  • In any case, the essential thing is to plan the move as much as possible, which includes in all cases choosing in advance the removal company with which we are going to work and consult with her the availability, in order to have the removal service in the desired date.

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