Materials Used in Making Counter Tops (Other than Granite)

Granite countertops have been popular for some time now. That makes a lot of sense, after all, granite is strong, durable, and of course, beautiful.  But granite is heavy and can be somewhat expensive too. Even stone composites that look like Grifon comptoir granite can be a little on the pricier side.

So if you are looking for something that might provide a similar look and feel—but at a more competitive price—consider one of these:



This is a trend that has only recently taken off in Europe because ceramic is actually more similar to porcelain—delicate in look and feel—but could be better because ceramics are heat-resistant.  Only available in slabs, a ceramic counter top could set you back about $150 per square foot.


On the other hand, laminate counter tops continue to be popular in Europe. They are not very popular in the United States but we use a lower grade laminate called “formica” here.  However, laminate remains far stronger, more durable, and more presentable than the formica used in the United States


Glass, of course, is always really cool as a counter top but it won’t work in every kitchen. And with a price tag of $200 per foot it may not even be worth investigating in every home.


If you want something a little more practical—and closer to granite—consider concrete. This basic yet stated material is also only about $150 per foot and, while it can be a bit crumbly, it can bring the right tough to certain kitchen spaces.


At approximately $200 per square foot, solid wood counter tops are not necessarily the most affordable. However, they can suit just the kitchen space of just about any home.  They make for a great breakfast bar but, if you treat the wood appropriately, solid wood counter tops can also act a cutting board.


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