Materials for your Home Bar Top

Installing a home bar is becoming increasingly popular but how do you make yours stand out from the rest? The obvious answer is to choose an affordable, bespoke home bar! It can be designed to your exact specifications based on whatever outrageous ideas you might have or it can blend with the interior d├ęcor of your home to make a sophisticated impression on your friends. The secret of success is to use materials that add an unmistakeable style to what is arguably one of the smallest features of your home.

Gorgeous Glass

Any dark recess will be brought back to life with a home bar made of glass. High-quality, strengthened safety glass in a beautiful, frosted design can be used for the bar counter. The base can be made of individual glass bricks or layers of glass to create an impression of ice. The opportunities for LED illumination throughout this design are immense. Red, blue or white lights to match your decor or even all three changing in succession will make your bar a talking point for years to come.

Stylish Stone

Marble and granite work surfaces are already widely used in kitchens but they can also form stylish bar tops. Incredibly durable, both materials will retain their pristine appearance and never go out of fashion. However, there are more unusual choices to consider. Silestone has a beautiful sheen due to its composition of quartz crystals. It is available in a range of marbled colours with different textures and finishes. A major advantage in its suitability as a bar top is its resistance to wine, coffee and lemon juice. Another bold choice is concrete. When formed into distinct layers with added illumination, concrete can actually create a rugged yet strangely sophisticated look for a home with a distinctive character.

Marvellous Metal

Stainless steel or aluminium can be used for any home bar to add a stylish, hard-wearing surface. But why not select a less common metal to make your compact home bar a cut above the rest? Zinc has a beautifully subtle, greyish-blue sheen that can look stunning in a circular design with soft, overhead lighting to create delicate, shadowy reflections. A bar top made of brass or copper will actually change over the years as it develops a surface patina that increases the deep, warm glow of the russet-coloured metal. The bar top can be composed of thin, compressed layers to create depth and tone. With care it will become a valued family heirloom for generations to come.

Tremendous Timber

A bar top of timber has a beautiful, natural grain that is completely unique. For a traditional style to remind you of your favourite country pub, there is always the option of English oak. Cherry wood has a bright, honey-coloured glow to enliven a dark corner. For a dramatic statement choose the warm, dark tones of walnut. Discuss your ideas for a bar top with Dawnvale the experts in bespoke home bars.

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