Laminated Glass from Express Toughening

If you’re wondering why you need laminated glass for your home or business, look no further than Express Toughening! The team at Express Toughening have developed a wealth of experience over the years and will be more than willing to help you to discover which laminated glass is right for you.

There are several types of laminated glass on the market, it’s about finding something suitable. From the following, discover which glass is best for your individual requirements:

Clear laminated glass.

For the clear laminated glass, you can expect there to be 2 pieces of glass installed to your property, alongside a tough plastic which is durable and especially hard-wearing.

The Clear laminated glass offers integrity against breakage, making it significantly safer. There is also a greater sense of security associated with the clear laminated glass, as well as this, there is an element of safety even when the glass is broken!

Acoustic laminated glass.

Express Toughening is your go-to supplier of acoustic laminated glass. This is a safety glass which is made up of two sheets of glass. The acoustic laminated glass has a Polyvinyl Butyral interlayer.

This type of glass is used for double glazing and reduces outdoor noise so it’s recommended that you apply this to areas of high volumes! The acoustic laminated glass isn’t just functional, it’s designed to add a decorative look and feel to your property.

White laminated glass.

When it comes to finding glass that’s versatile and secure, you needn’t look any further than the white laminated glass from Express Toughening. This glass offers timeless elegance and enables you to distribute light evenly throughout rooms.

As well as this, the white laminated glass can be used internally and externally to not only enhance the look and feel of your property but to make it more secure and hard-wearing.

Toughened laminated glass.

As with any of the safety glass provided by Express Toughening, the toughened laminated glass combines the best of both worlds! The toughened laminated glass combines the strength of the laminated glass and that of the toughened glass to ultimately prevent the glass from breaking.

For your glass to last, why not consider the simple installation of toughened laminated glass from Express Toughening? If the glass breaks, you can rest assured that no glass will fall, providing a barrier that prevents the risk of injuries.

The toughened laminated glass is renowned for its durability and reliability and is also designed to offer high transparency. This type of glass is perfect for glass canopies, balconies and stairs; therefore, it needs to provide resistance against all-weathers!

To find out more about the range of laminated glass from Express Toughening, click here!

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