Keep Those Energy Costs Down this Winter

The winter is just around the corner and for most people, this means one thing – higher energy bills. The cost of heating a home during the winter months can be outrageous. Some find that their utility bills increase significantly and make it challenging to pay for other things. You need to keep your home comfortable, you also need to have adequate electricity, but you’re not sure you’re ready to handle the rising costs. Yet with a few simple financial and DIY tricks, you can heat your home, accommodate your family, and stay on budget.

Program Your Thermostat

Ever leave the house for work and forget to turn the heat down? Allowing the heat to remain on high when no one is home for another eight hours is money going down the drain. You can save yourself a few bucks each month on your energy bill by using your programmable thermostat. It allows you to set the desired temperature depending on the time of day. So, you can set your daytime and nighttime temperatures and not worry about forgetting.

Switch Energy Providers

Most homeowners still have no idea that they have the power to choose the energy supplier. If you believe you’re paying too much for your energy bill, then you should check around for other providers servicing your area. They may have a better option for your family.

Have Your HVAC Serviced

If you haven’t done so already, you seriously need to have your HVAC serviced. Since you’ll be using your heater a lot throughout the winter you want to make sure that it will work efficiently. Systems that aren’t well-maintained will take up more energy to function. They could also malfunction resulting in a costly repair or a house fire. If you don’t have the money for the maintenance contract, you should learn about installment loans. They are short-term loans provided by online lenders. If you meet the minimum requirements, you could have several hundred dollars deposited into your checking account within one business day. Pay for the HVAC service now and repay the loan in installments.

Seal Up Your Home

Over time your property can lose its efficiency. Cracks near the windows and doors and inefficient insulation in the attic and basement allow your heat to escape into the outdoors. You can save money on energy costs by sealing up your home. Add plastic wrap to the windows, weatherstripping is ideal for sealing cracks around the doors, and caulk can be used to seal up any other small holes or cracks around the house. If necessary, you should also add insulation to the garage, attic, and basement to keep the home sealed up tight.

Bundle Up

Before cranking up the heater or plugging in a portable heating unit, consider bundling up. Leaving the heat programmed to a comfortable temperature and then dressing in layers or in warm clothing helps you to keep energy costs low.

With winter on the horizon, your home is the best place to retreat to for shelter from the cold temperatures. Be that as it may, getting comfortable in your home causes the energy bills to skyrocket. You can make a few changes, like those listed above to keep the cost of staying warm this winter from getting out of control.

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