Japanese Innovation That Brought Positive Change

Japan is one country known for its innovative discoveries and sophisticated technology. More than the bullet train, calculator, and instant ramen noodles, Japan continuously show creative prowess in advancing its people away from poverty and mediocrity.

Though this East Asian country is famous for its traditional arts, one cannot dismiss the fact that it is one of the most technologically advanced nations. In fact, Japan is considered a first-world country. Despite its mountain ranges and wooded surroundings, it is able to embrace modern living. Today, many residing in Japan are enjoying these innovations and leading a distinctly urban lifestyle.  

Fancy Bidet Seats

One modern improvement the country is known for is the fancy Japanese toilet.  Commonly known as a bidet, this cleaning jet of water is designed to wash self after using the bathroom.  Its nozzle is directed to and splashes water to one’s bottom and genital area.

As many may question how to use a Japanese toilet, it depends on the model the family got for their household.  But basically, one just needs to push the button within the toilet seat, and the nozzle will release water. Some units have hand-held sprayers instead which one uses just like how to operate a garden hose.  

Nowadays, many Japanese toilets for sale in the country have advanced features considerably seldom seen in other Asian countries. Some of these features are a warm seat, a deodorizer, and a self-cleaning system. After one uses the toilet, it will mechanically flush and even release a refreshing scent. Sometimes, the water it releases has a blue or green color to indicate that it has cleaning chemicals on it. However, before the advanced and Western-style bidet toilets the country has adopted, it first had the Japanese squat toilet which is still common in most of Japan’s public places.  


Many cannot dismiss Japan’s creative prowess concerning advancement. It isn’t impossible that in years and even a few months from now, there will be Japanese toilet cam, too, which will feature distinctive bathroom structures uniquely the region’s own. Visit this site for more info about Japan’s fancy bidets.

Comfort and Convenience

Either fancy bidet or squat toilet, these toilet seats provide convenience to users. One cannot dismiss the great pleasure it brings, helping one to wash oneself hands-free. Research and testimonials also prove that bidet seats bring health benefits, too. For one, individuals need not wipe their behind with toilet paper which may even cause irritation and infection due to harsh scrubbing. Likewise, many studies show that paper toilet cannot clean as much as water can. Aside from these, disease and contamination are lessened if not at all prevented.

Towards Progress

More than the Japanese art of calligraphy and flower arrangement, its famed traditional sports sumo wrestling, and equally famous martial arts, Japan is also renowned for its essential innovations and sophisticated technologies. If its bullet train has earned the admiration of neighboring countries and even other Asian nations, its bidet toilet seats are also being the talk of the town of other countries. These highly urbane discoveries and inventions only prove that Japan aims for development, progress, and convenience.

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