Important Things To Know About Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal, some jobs are too dangerous that only professionals should only be doing the job. If you’re into a home improvement project at the moment and you’re thinking of getting a tree removal service or doing it your own, knowing essential facts about the job means half the battle. Here are important things you need to know about tree removal.

Trees That Overhang A Neighbour’s Property

There are times that your property trees have trunk that overhang your neighbour’s property? And what you should do about it? If you’re thinking of doing the removal on your own, you need to check applicable local bylaws. But the best option is to hire Amico – gardener in Bondi, Eastern Suburbs because they are knowledgeable of all laws that apply to tree removal.

Underground Hazards

If you’re into tree removal that includes removing root structure and the stump, then it is recommended to check for buried sewer or gas lines and cables that could get damaged. And this is something that you might not be good at. Again, you can hire a professional tree service to ensure that no lines or cables will be stripped of during the work

Trees That Are Too Close To A Property

Do you want to remove a tree that is too close to a home? If yes, you must put extra care on it in order to properly remove dangerous overhanging trees. Keep in mind that even smaller branches are sometimes much heavier than how they actually look.


Another thing that you shouldn’t miss out especially when you’re bringing in a professional tree service is insurance. Be sure that your insurance coverage includes the form of personal and damage injury that could arise to you, your neighbours or even to strangers due to the tree removal project.


Disposal of the tree that needs to be removed is also an important consideration. Removing a tree, especially a mature one, can leave many tons of debris, branches and woods that can’t be left on the property. It’s a good thing that tree removal and gardeners in Sydney from Amico have on-site shredder in order to reduce disposal jobs and make things easier.

Hire A Tree Removal Professional

Tree removal can be a very dangerous job as it can cause body injury and property damage when not handled properly. For this reason alone, the safest option is to call a professional tree removal service provider.

A tree removal professional will take care of everything, from getting the permits to knowing the underground hazards and potential damage that could happen to you, your property, your neighbours and strangers. Also, they will be taking care of the tree disposal.

If you need tree removal or other gardening services in Bondi, Sydney, you can call the professional tree removal and gardening experts at Amico. They are skilled and experienced when it comes to all kinds of tree work and garden improvement project.

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