Ideas For Using Stone Veneering

Stone veneering is useful for front facing a home to add visual appeal. It is a dazzling product that is amazing for interior wall covering, retaining walls, fire places and exterior wall coverings. It is very easy to install and maintain and can be added around a kitchen island and at the end of a counter top. It can also be installed on the walls of a bathroom. Stone veneer adds value to your home and enhances the feel of any decor.

In your home, Stone veneer can be used in the interior panels. It is very elegant and an alternative to paint or wallpaper; there will be no need to have it done again in a few years either because it is out of style or outdated. The beauty added by stone veneer is timeless and frequently updated.

Stone veneer is also durable and easy to clean. It adds a modern touch to a sense of old world to almost every room. Living rooms, kitchens, studies, family rooms, libraries are a few places where stone veneer can be used.

Stone veneer can be used to build a retaining wall in the backyard.  It can also elevate a flower bed or garden, add charm to a retaining wall or liven up a garden.

Thin stone veneer can be used on new or existing retaining wall to make it look gorgeous rather than an old flower bed. With the right installation and application, stone veneer wall will last for a very long time and will prove to endure the most difficult weather conditions and still look beautiful for many years.

Stone veneer can be used for fire places. A stone veneer façade on an outdoor or indoor fireplace can give it an expensive appearance like you spent a fortune.

With the application of a stone fireplace, outdoor patios which need a touch of class can be simply transformed. With the addition of stone veneer, building or re-facing new indoor fire places can be an easy and simple project. Real stone veneer can withstand the intense heat of a fire place unlike fake manufactured stone. Natural stone veneer can be used on indoor and outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, pillars and wall facades. Thin stone veneers are produced from real stones to resist, chipping, fading, cracking, and warping. Also, if they become cracked or chipped, it will go unnoticed since unlike fabricated fake stone veneers, the texture and color of the stone goes deep into the stone. Stone veneering is also easier and faster to apply since it is easier to handle and lighter in weight.

Sandstone veneer installation on any surface requires the same basic application method. First, there should be a moisture barrier, a structure or frame to be gripped by the mortar, and the stone of your choosing. The backbone frame and moisture barrier are components necessary to guarantee that your stone veneer will endure for a lifetime.

Fusion stone is a thin stone system that installs easily with screws and stainless steel clips. It has an admirable appearance and is affordable for both exterior and interior applications. Fusion stone offers a lifetime of performance which is maintenance free.


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