How to Make Your Kitchen Better?

Today’s kitchen is often the heart of the house. Therefore, careful planning is necessary to ensure a beautiful and very functional kitchen. The best thing is just to commit the design of your kitchen in the hands of experts like Cuisines Rosemére. It gives you a better assurance of having a perfect design. However, when you think of going down the road yourself, below are few tips to help you when decorating your kitchen.

#1: Eliminate the wasted steps

Think about where and how you use the items. Keep breakfast meals and breakfast dishes at the breakfast table. Keep the packaging and plastic containers in a suitable place near the worktop to have the leftover properly wrapped up. Place dishware and cutlery in the dishwasher to facilitate the unloading process.

#2: Design wide passages

Walkways along the kitchen should be at least 36 cm wide. The roads within the cooking zone must be 42 inches wide meant for a one cook kitchen and 48 inches wide for a two-cook kitchen. When planning, customize cooking peninsula and islands in the same manner.

#3: Direct traffic

For kid-friendly kitchen models, keep the cover out or the cooktop out of the traffic area so that children do not understand the lever and do not cause spills during the race. In addition, make a refrigerator that is accessible to pedestrians and people working in cleaning and cooking kitchen areas.

#4: Stay away from the corners

To ensure that the kitchen door and the cabinet appliance is fully functional, provide free space and the direction of the door must be in the design of your kitchen. Keep the appliances out of kitchen corners and make sure they do not touch the door if they open at the same time.

#5: Find the correct height for the microwave

The exact height and location of the microwave oven may vary depending on the kitchen kid-friendly character and on the kitchen chef. For grown-ups, 15 inches above the level of the counter is a good microwave height. For children, with a lower countertop configuration can be safer and more convenient.

#6: Determine the island function

When it concerns the kitchen island, the form follows the direction or function. If you plan on cooking and eating on the kitchen islands, leave enough space to separate the cooktop from the dining room.

#7: Plan the landing space

When designing a kitchen, leave 15 inches of countertop on each side of the fridge and cooktops. The landing area is also necessary to be close to the microwave.

#8: Consider the gauges

Chefs who enjoy cooking will always need to have more counter space, ideally between the sinks and range, from those who rarely cook or prepare simple meals. In addition, the installation of two heights at the counter facilitates easier baking and helps children participating in meal preparations.

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