How to Make the Most of Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas time is fast approaching, and a great way to celebrate the spirit is by creating a vivid and captivating light display in your yard. Everyone loves an amazing light display, and an estimated 80 million homes across the country partake in sporting the trademark decoration each year.

There’s stiff competition out there as well, and neighborhoods often find themselves in competition with one another to build up the most brilliant light display on the block. Dyker Heights — aptly christened “Dyker Lights” around Christmas — in Brooklyn has made a tradition of over-the-top decorating since the 1980s and attracts more than 100,000 visitors every year. If you want to make a splash this year, take a page from the handbook of our nation’s wildest and most extravagant decorators.

Stretch for the right lights

No longer must you settle for antiquated light bulbs for your Christmas display. LED lights have become a mass produced commodity and they trickle into just about every lighting need we may have. LEDs are admittedly a little more expensive, but for a slightly increased startup cost you save in electricity costs over time. LEDs are not the power sapping leeches that their elders represented. By replacing your older lights with outdoor LED Christmas lights today you will have significantly better and more efficient decorations for years to come, and with cost saving features that will pay dividends year after year.

The price disparity is actually shocking. A string of large 25 LED lights — the kind that typically grace the vistas of outdoor decorating — cost an average of just 21 cents to light throughout the holiday season. The same strand of incandescent light bulbs over the same duration will cost you $15.12. If you plan to decorate this year, you might as well ditch those old, expensive bulbs. You may come out ahead on the price difference after just one year.

Beyond simple economics, LEDs are brighter, last longer, and are typically smaller than the alternative. So in addition to more cost effective bulbs you have a totally upgraded decorating tool that will shine out into the night for as long as you choose to decorate your home.

Plan your display before setup day

One key aspect of decorating anything is to go in with a plan. If you wing it, you are very likely to dislike the outcome. Since Christmas decorating can drag into a multi-day affair, it is vitally important to approach it with a game plan and stick to it. A simple internet search for great Christmas light displays can help provide some inspiration if you’re stuck, but a good starting point is to decide on the type of decoration you want to focus on in your yard. Everyone needs a great set of Christmas lights but often times a display is incomplete without supplementary elements like an inflatable Santa Claus and delicate reindeer figures.

Planning the look and feel of your yard will help you get a handle on the work that must be done and the order that will best help your layout tasks. And by planning in advance, you can also resolve any outlet difficulties that may arise during the setup. There is certainly nothing worse than stringing all your lights only to plug them in and find that you have overloaded a circuit and must start again in a different pattern.

Christmas lights are a grand tradition across the country and indeed the world. Make sure that your display this year is well executed and consists of pieces that you are proud to roll out. Replace those old power vacuums and plan an impressive light show for your neighborhood that gets everyone in the spirit of Christmas.

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