How to Keep Your Conservatory Clean

Having a conservatory is a fantastic idea, after all you get a tonne of extra room, a fabulous view of the garden and it adds some great value to your house, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular choices of home improvement in North Wales. However, to make the most of it you need to keep your conservatory clean and tidy.

Clean the outside first

Outside it’s easier to spot dirt, marks and smudges that are in the inside, when you are on the inside looking out. Its therefore better to start with cleaning the exterior, and then any remaining marks can be easily identified as being on the inside.

Cleaning uPVC window frames

The good news is that uPVC is very easy to clean as it tends to be resistant to most kinds of weather conditions.

Either invest in some proper window cleaning solution or mix up a little washing up liquid, otherwise just grab a clean cloth and get wiping. Make sure there are no bits on the cloth or you could scratch the window of your conservatories.

Cleaning the conservatory roof

To clean the conservatory roof you will need a ladder and a telescopic brush.

Use the ladder to climb up along the outside of your conservatory and the brush mixed up with your choice of window cleaning solution mixture to reach every corner of your roof.

Gutters and drainage

It’s extremely important that you regularly clean all the guttering of your conservatory to ensure proper drainage. Otherwise, things can get clogged causing water to overflow and damage your conservatory.

Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Your conservatory will need cleaning at least once every six months to keep it looking at its best and to avoid a build up of dirt and debris to cause damage.

Cleaning a conservatory can be difficult and time consuming, but is not too difficult when you have the right equipment.

We’ve put together a list of key conservatory dos and don’ts to help you complete the job in a timely and correct manner.


  • Clean your conservatory regularly to avoid dirt and debris building up
  • Clean your gutters regularly to avoid them overflowing and causing damage to your conservatory
  • Clean both the insides and outside of your conservatory glass
  • Ensure that you have the correct equipment to hand before you begin cleaning.
  • Check the locks and hinges of your conservatory or bi folding doors and oil them regularly
  • Clean your conservatory on an overcast day if possible, hot and sunny weather can make glass dry much too quickly which can leave smears and smudges


  • Use harsh chemicals or spirit based cleaners that could damage your conservatories uPVC
  • Use metallic or abrasive sponges or brushes as they can mark and damage plastic
  • Use pressure washers as they can damage the seals on your conservatory glass
  • Climb on top of your conservatory roof
  • Clean the inside first, make sure that you clean the outside before the inside. It makes it easier to spot smudges
  • Get any oil based products like WD40 on the rubber seals for sliding or bi folding doors Cheshire
  • Leave ladders or cleaning products when there are children or pets around
  • Leave it longer than 12 months between cleans
  • Assume that self cleaning glass doesn’t ever need cleaning. It will still need washing with soapy water at least once a year
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