How to Keep the Kids Safe in the Bathroom

The simplest way to keep your kids safe in the bathroom is to restrict their access unless they are accompanied by an adult. You may have to install the latch at a height to limit unaccompanied access or fit a soft close toilet seat in case children visit the washroom on their own. Below, we take a look on ways to keep the little ones safe in the bathroom.


Never leave your child in the bathroom alone, not even for a moment, since kids can drown in shallow depths of water. Always ensure to have all that you need within range before starting to bathe your kid. Wrap your child in a towel and take them with you when leaving to answer the phone or the doorbell. Bath rings and seats are designed to be bathing aids and will do little to save your kid from drowning when left alone. Never leave the bathtub with water when not in use.

Slip and Fall Protection

Your bathtub’s bottom should have no-slip strips. Also, the water faucet should have a cushioned cover to protect your child from an injury should they accidentally hit their head against it. Always ensure the bathroom floor is dry and make use of anti-skid material.

Water Temperature

Adjust the water heater in your bathroom to prevent scalding, by adjusting your water heater to avoid the faucets from producing hot water above 48.9 degrees Celsius. You can do this by fitting the taps with anti-scald valves to avoid the overheating of water. Teach your kids when they are old enough to use the shower on their own to always test the temperature of water first using their elbow before starting to bathe. Always first turn on the cold water before opening the hot water tap.

Storage of Medicine and Toiletry

Always ensure to have all medicine kept using a container that has safety caps. Keep all medicine and toiletries under lock and key as an additional precaution. Never store frequently used items, such as shampoos and toothpaste, together with chemicals including cleaning agents since kids might not be able to tell the difference and might use one in place of the other.

Electric Appliances

Always leave electrical appliances for use in the bathroom such as hair dryers and razors under lock and key a cabinet. Such electrical appliances should always be used in another room where there is no water. If you are going to use them in the bathroom, install special bathroom wall sockets to minimise the risk of electrical injury should the kids place them in bathwater or the sink.

Always Keep the Toilet Lid Closed

Keep the toilet lid closed at all times since it might appear interesting to kids and might accidentally fall when playing. You should invest in a toilet lid lock to ensure your kid’s safety while you are not around. Alternatively, soft close toilet seat lids shut softly and slowly, ensuring there is enough reaction time for hands to move out of the way when the lid is shutting.

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