How to Keep Cash Safe at the Office

Nearly every office will need somewhere to keep cash safely. Whether it is petty cash that is needed for day to day incidental purchases, or larger amounts to cover cash advances to staff and others, it needs to be protected. There are a number of ways to do this and here are some:

Cash boxes

These can vary in size, type and levels of security offered. At the very lowest end they may be small metal boxes with a very simple lock. At worst they may be only a small step up from a child’s money box! At best they will be substantial, offering reasonable resistance to quick forced opening and be large enough to be difficult to easily conceal if stolen.

Cash boxes are more often than not kept either in a locked drawer, filing cabinet or a small safe. If kept in a safe cash boxes are protected fairly well, but if not they remain vulnerable to theft and their size makes it easy to steal and remove them from the premises without being noticed.

Decoy safes

These are exactly what they sound like: small safes in the form of something else such as a can of beans, a radio, book or a computer desk top speaker. The purpose is to deceive people into thinking that these safes are what they pose as. They can be useful in some environments, but in open offices where people mix and even use each other’s desks on a regular basis they can become obvious when handled. Decoy safes can also communicate a less than professional image in some circumstances. The other drawback is that decoy safes are very mobile and can very easily be removed, potentially without being noticed.

Small safes

There are so many different sizes and types of safe on the market today that it is almost inconceivable that there is not at least one for any desired purpose and location. A small safe placed out of sight or fixed into a wall or elsewhere offers an ideal place to keep cash within an office environment. It will certainly be less vulnerable than a cash box kept in a drawer, cabinet or disguised unit.

Making a choice

There are many solutions to keeping cash safe within an office environment. If in doubt as to which is the best to choose it is wise to consult a professional company such as  Secure Safe and take their advice.

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