How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent  

A good real estate agent can help you locate the right home quickly, save money on your home purchase, offer invaluable assistance in dealing with a home seller and much more. Here are some tips that can help you select a top-notch agent in your area.

Look for the Realtors® Sign

A truly good real estate agent will belong to the National Association of Realtors. The association holds its members to a comprehensive code of ethics that requires members to go above and beyond minimum legal requirements in serving customers.

Ask for Referrals

Do you have a friend, relative or colleague who just sold or bought a home? If so, ask the individual in question which real estate agent he or she used. Getting a referral is often the best, fastest way to find a good agent in your area.

Do Some Research Online

Do some online research to find out more about any agent you are considering working with. A good agent will not only have multiple good reviews but also plenty of experience working in your local area. An agent who is knowledgeable about your city can offer good advice on neighborhoods and even provide referrals to professionals who can help you fix up a house that may need some repairs and/or renovations before or right after you move in.

Visit Open Houses

Visit a few open houses and check out the real estate agents showcasing the homes. If you see an agent who is professional, friendly and attentive, talk to him or her about your needs. If the agent is easy to communicate with and you feel comfortable with him or her, ask for a business card and then do further research.

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