How to Defeat Attacks in the Ministry

“Obstacles are those frightening things that we see when we leave our lenses with our eyes.” -Anonymous.

Have you ever had the impression of being faced with insurmountable difficulties? Do you live a hard time financially or spiritually? Do your struggles give you the idea of meeting a mountain of problems?

We all face giants in our life. We sometimes find ourselves wanting to run away or be emotionally or spiritually paralyzed. We fight the giants of fear, grudge, loneliness, insecurity and many others.

Real Situations

In my opinion, David & Goliath is the best story in the Bible to understand important spiritual lessons on how to defeat these giants. Goliath was a giant and the champion of his army. He was undefeated. David was a young man of about 17 when he brought food to his brothers at the front. That’s when he confronted Goliath and killed him.

2014 was a difficult year for me. I started to fight against chronic fatigue that had been manifesting for a year. The year continued with betrayals of close friends in our ministry, including one (now former) pastor of our church where I bought used church furniture.

Two months later someone hacked into our accounts, which resulted in the loss of several thousand dollars. The police have a special division that collaborates with the FBI for this type of crime. After several weeks of investigations, they announced to me: “I am sorry, but you will not be able to recover your money.” My stress level has skyrocketed.

In July we took three weeks of vacation to recharge our batteries. We returned, and in August I was diagnosed with cancer. I followed treatment for about six months. I was facing real giants: not just a giant, but an entire team. The good news is that the cancer is gone.

Final Words

I learned that one way to defeat these giants is to focus on God and not on giants. I have to leave the giants and look at the “Giant Slayer.”

David focused on God, not on Goliath. I have to focus on Jesus the Healer, not on cancer. I have to focus on God, not the losses.

When you focus on something, you amplify it. When you focus on something, you stimulate it. Goliath was between 2.50 and 3 meters. It was hard to miss. He was undefeated in action. It was probably 300 wins against 0 defeat. “It’s up to you to do the math! To defeat Goliath was almost impossible.

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