How To Clean Your Window Blinds: Here Are Some Practical Tips

Keeping your blinds tidy is one of the essential ways to maintain the cleanliness of your home. It is a place where dust, grime, and pet fur accumulate. Contrary to the idea that these spots are difficult to maintain, there are suitable solutions available that can make upkeep easy to achieve. Here are some practical tips to effectively clean your blinds.

Identifying the Type of Blinds

One of the first steps to clean your window blinds is determining the type you have at home. For example, maintaining wood blinds is different from fabric shades and vinyl blinds. Getting a good idea of how your blinds are setup helps determine the type of cleaning agent and tools to use. At the same time, it limits the effort of experimenting on what methods work for one material over another.

In cleaning plastic blinds, you can use either a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth to remove dirt. In situations where your blinds are soiled, it is advisable to soak the item in warm water with soap. Then you can cleanse the soap with water and leave it to dry. You can expose it to direct sunlight or wipe with a dry cloth to dry.

Wood blinds, on the other hand, require a different type of care. Since most of these window blinds come in with specific treatment, it is important to use furniture polish and a dry cloth. When the dirt is considerable, you can use plain water. However, make sure to apply the liquid to the fabric. Make sure not to saturate the wood because it can cause discoloration and spotting.

Cleaning Materials

The next step is choosing the suitable cleaning materials for your blinds. The most common tools that people use are vacuum cleaners and microfiber cloths. It is important that you can make use of specific dusting or washing methods depending on the dirt in your blinds. For example, you can use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to remove dust. Similarly, microfibers are essential because the dirt sticks to the cloth. Also, dusters can also get the job done, and the long handle allows you to wipe off hard to reach areas.

Recycle Materials

If you are trying to save, you can also recycle materials to use for cleaning. For example, you can substitute cotton socks for microfiber cloths. By wearing the sock in your hand, you can freely access corners and hard to reach sections of your blinds. Also, instead of using cleaning agents, you can apply vinegar or baking soda with water to clean grease and grime in your vinyl blinds. You can also search for other available solutions that you can use for your cleaning needs.

Bottom Line

Overall, cleaning your blinds is an essential way to care for your household. Make sure to clean your blinds at least every week to reduce the effort of cleaning a stains or dirt. The tips mentioned help you find ways to tidy different blinds effectively. As you learn to determine the type and cleaning supplies, you can explore different methods that work and make use of recyclable materials. To know more about window blinds, click here

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